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The Swiss National Park is a strictly protected wild landscape in which animals and plants evolve freely and the natural processes can develop their effect.

What the wise pioneers founded 100 years ago is now a jewel: the first national park in Switzerland, and the oldest of the Alps. Following the definition of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Swiss National Park belongs to the most high class I (integral protection zone) and play sin the Champions League "of nature reserves". This strict rule of protection is mandatory. In the National Park you can not leave the trails, collect flowers, mowe lawns, kill animals and cut trees. Nature is left to itself and can nothing be changed. This is more than a mere protection of the species: the entire living space with its natural processes is protected. There are also fallen trees, avalanches and landslides disintegration. This comprehensive and coherent philosophy is a central element  from the foundation of the Swiss National Park on 1 August 1914, and is a guarantee for future development.

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