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Livigno - a massive shopping mall set amongst breath-taking views!

Livigno is one of Lombardy's most renowned tourist resorts and, with over 250 shops, it is a huge open-air shopping mall that rises to 1,816 metres in the heart of Alta Rezia. Shopping is a unique experience in Livigno. You will be far from traffic, out in the open air and surrounded by mountains, between exclusive and single-brand boutiques, friendly, quality shops, workshops related to tradition and modernity. Here the most exclusive labels are represented, along with a wide range of major brands, lining the roads of this sensational open-air. A large high altitude luxury outlet, where the advantages of duty-free purchases merges with the town's pristine nature. It's an incredible experience to lift your gaze and feel yourself kissed by the wildest "Nature" which only the Alps, beyond the woods, know how to give. Finally, it is important to remember that Livigno is a duty-free area; therefore, duty free goods can be purchased only in limited quantities. Other goods are capped and any excess must be declared upon exiting the Livigno territory. For details on goods allowances see the chart.

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Azienda di Promozione
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