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Livigno boasts a variety of artists including painters, sculptors, writers, musicians and actors who frequently produce collective exhibitions or personal shows of paintings, photographs, handmade articles and various objects. These fi gures include local artist LYDIA SILVESTRI, whose works are featured in important public and private collections all over the world.

Livigno also features two memorials: the “MONUMENTO AI CADUTI” built in 1968 (Piazza del Comune) and the “FILO DI ARIANNA”, where the artist has created an actual stroll into the myth of Ariadne’s Thread, with the inhabitants and spectators taking part as leading actors. The works stand alongside buildings crucial to the life and development of tourism and cultural activities and along the foot and cycle paths.



Azienda di Promozione
e Sviluppo Turistico srl
via Saroch 1098/a c/o Plaza Placheda
I-23030 Livigno (So)
Tel. 0039 0342 05 22 00
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