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A large open amphitheatre that gently slopes towards the valley floor, surrounded by jagged mountain tops that stand out against the background of a clear blue sky...
In summer, the immense grasslands are dotted here and there by wooden cottages and the white walls of the Parish Church, the highest in Europe. In winter a great blanket of virgin snow makes the dark wooden cottages, dotted along the mountain side, stand out in stark contrast against its whiteness.
This is how Trepalle appears as you come over the Foscagno Pass, the watershed between the Northern and Southern Alps, between the catchment basins of the Po and the Danube.
Trepalle - a district of Livigno, 1,900 - 2,250 m., the highest permanently inhabited dwelling in Europe.
In the summer, Trepalle is a paradise for trekkers on foot, mountain bike or horseback, going into Vallaccia, Val Tréla or Val da Tort. In the winter, Trepalle is an immense open blanket of snow, sheer heaven for alpine skiers, snowboarders, telemark skiers, ski-tourism and off-piste skiing.

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