28/06/2017 - 29/06/2017


Crossing the Alps on roadbike.

Tour Transalp 2017 powered by Sigma, will be organized again in the Summer 2017 for the 15th Edition, and will be in Livigno from the 28th to the 29 June 2017, with an amazing track among mountain passes and incredible landscapes that will be the background of the race for more than 850km.


Wednesday 28 June 2017

12:00-18:00 Expo area c/o Plaza Placheda
12:45 Arrival of the first competitors c/o Plaza Placheda
13:00-20:00 Opening of the MTB depository
16:00-17:00 Fruit and water collection, waste disposal
17:00 Arriving of the last competitors
Pasta party c/o Plaza Placheda
19:00 Awards ceremony c/o Plaza Placheda

Thursday 28 June 2017

06:00-07:30 Breakfast for the participants c/o Plaza Placheda
06:30-09:00 Preparation of the MTB from the depository c/o Plaza Placheda
08:00 Grid entry
09:00 Start