News / 12.12.2018


New facilities, more connections between the slopes and Ski Link, our improved public transport system, will enable visitors to enjoy their passion for snow with no limits. Little Tibet never ceases to amaze and this year hails the arrival of the new season with state-of-the-art facilities and eagerly awaited surprises, such as themed tracks and even greater opportunities for skiing at night.

The winter season in Livigno is officially open! Over 100km2 of skiable surfaces covered in blankets of fresh snow are ready and waiting, and all the plants are open and operating at full capacity to welcome ski and snowboarding enthusiasts from all over Europe. A range of innovations await our visitors, all of which focus on fun, and are designed to make accessing the facilities easier and more user-friendly.

First and foremost, the public transport system has been improved. and our Ski Link service will be active as of December. These new public transport lines will link the two sides of the valley by shuttle, so transfer around the slopes is even faster and more efficient. The Linea Nord (North Line) will join the Mottolino plant to the Valandrea chairlift, whilst the Linea Sud (South Line) will join the Carosello 3000 plant to the Teola-Pianoni Bassi chairlift. The service will run daily every 10 minutes from 9.30a.m. to 4p.m. as of Sunday, 16th December.

This new public transport network has been created to ensure visitors to Livigno relax completely during their dream holiday on the snow and is the first connection between the two sides. The service will be organised using last generation buses with a low environmental impact, and their new technology means they lower themselves in order to allow skiers to get on and off more easily.

The Mottolino Fun Mountain ski area has been further expanded with two new lifts. The first new feature is the Yepi Lift for young skiers. This 6-seater chairlift features a protective bar and moving treadmill that automatically adjusts itself in height to make it easier for little ones to get on and off. It will provide direct access to the children's area where a new playground and educational trail await them and where they can ski in the company of the Yepi mascot. A second plant, Easy Lift, will enable visitors to connect the arrival of the Mottolino cableway with that of the Trepalle chairlift, making transfer between the various slopes even easier and ensuring limitless fun.

The ​​Carosello 3000 ski area is now working at full pace after receiving official approval following ministerial tests for expanding the capacity of the plants. This will allow us to almost double the number of passengers being transported, namely from 1800 to 3,200 an hour.

For this season, the most eagerly awaited novelty is our themed "The Beach - Funslope” track. Although the name is not one you would normally associate with the mountains, the slope has been set up amongst palm trees, coconuts and surfboards, evoking a tropical landscape. An unusual combination of skiing, the winter sport par excellence, and the lively atmosphere of the tropics. Along the route, families and teens will have enormous fun enjoying special adventures on the snow "surfing" on parabolic, and through tunnels and design installations where they can high five large palm leaves, experience the beautiful colours of a tropical sunset and ski into the jaws of a scary white shark.

Nighttime skiing on Thursday evenings is finally back for the truest skiing and snowboarder fans. Whilst it has been possible for visitors to enjoy nighttime alpine skiing at Lift 23 for a number of years now, for the 2018/19 winter season the cross-country track set out over 5km will also be open and lit in the evening until 10p.m. so skiers can enjoy this exciting experience in this striking mountain setting.


News / 6.12.2018
What with the rush to buy last minute presents and exchange the very first wishes, the countdown to the New Year’s Eve celebrations has now begun. Little Tibet is preparing to end 2018 with beautiful torchlight processions, music, fireworks and the ever-present mulled wine before the gala dinners. New Year’s Eve at altitude is both magical and unique, thanks to the whiteness of the snow and the swirl of colours that lights up the streets in the village centre in a truly magical atmosphere. Livigno is also getting ready to bid farewell to 2018 by repeating ancient rituals and traditions and merrily welcome 2019, full of expectation for the new year.