News / 16.12.2017


After a single summer of works, Carosello 3000 announces the opening of the new San Rocco cableway on Saturday, 16 December. These days have already seen the launch of the new logo, the Top Experience programme and a totally renewed web portal.

Following the heavy snowfall in recent days, there is more good news for those coming to Livigno during the winter. The test phase is finally over and San Rocco’s new Carosello 3000 cableway will officially start operating on Saturday, 16 December 2017.

The new facility, built by Doppelmayr, is divided into two consecutive sections that cover a total length of 2794 metres and a difference in height of 900 metres. The cable cars are modern and elegant, equipped with both internal and external ski carriers and accommodate up to 10 passengers each. The departure, intermediate and arrival stations are also completely new.

The new cableway was entirely built during the short summer window thanks to the endeavour of more than 200 workers and a number of companies that cooperated in order to achieve a goal that many considered impossible: the completion of the facility by December 2017.

Stefano Cusini, the General Manager of Carosello 3000, is very satisfied with the outcome: It was a project we really believed in. The schedule of the build was extremely tight, but, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of all those involved, we managed to complete it. I am very proud to be able to unveil the new cableway to the public in time for the Christmas holidays.

In order to underline a desire for growth that is not just structural, at the same time as the construction of the new facility, we also worked on designing a new corporate image. Recent days have seen the launch of the Mountain’s new logo and new website, clearly expressing the freedom and passion for outdoor sports associated with Carosello 3000. Lots of other activities related to communication will be unveiled during the winter.

During the Christmas holidays, Carosello 3000 will launch its special programme linked to Top Experience, the most exciting activities that the Mountain offers. Skiing at dawn on freshly milled slopes, paragliding over the slopes or going in search of secret spots with a local freerider, exciting activities that are worth a trip to Livigno on their own. The experiences can already be booked using the new portal, but can also be purchased directly in Livigno.

Carosello 3000 invites all outdoor sports lovers to the San Rocco cableway to celebrate the opening of the new facility on its inaugural weekend.

After the construction of other facilities in the last decade and an innovative mountain bike project that has got the whole world talking, this endeavour confirms the clear strategy of the Cusini Group – the holding company that owns Carosello 3000 – of investing in activities aimed at strengthening the position of the Valtellinese Mountain Resort as one of the top international holiday destinations.