Online Ticket Purchases General terms and conditions

Tickets for use on the cross-country ski slopes can be purchased from the Ticket Shop on the website.

E-Tickets – Validity
QR coded tickets are delivered by email. All QR coded tickets purchased online must be printed out vertically on a sheet of white A4 paper at a minimum DPI resolution of 600. Tickets purchased online must not be modified or resized, and must be shown to the staff in charge of checking them on request. Tickets purchased online must be perfectly legible in order to be considered valid. Tickets can also be shown to control staff on mobile devices. However, Livigno tourist board will not accept responsibility should a handheld device accidentally fall or be damaged whilst an e-ticket is being checked.

E-Tickets – Validity
Customers must check the validity of an online ticket at the time of purchase. Dates cannot be changed once payment has been made.

E-Tickets - Refunds
Under no circumstances will tickets be refunded.

Data processing
Livigno tourist board, Azienda di Promozione e Sviluppo Turistico srl, complies with the laws currently in force, particularly those concerning telecommunications and the protection of our customers’ personal data.