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Welcome to the kingdom of flow trails

The flow trails of the Carosello 3000 Mountain Park and the Sitas Mountain Area are accessible to all types of bikers: from beginners and families, but also to experienced bikers who will be able to fully satisfy their adrenalin cravings; and the enduro trails, with more natural and technical riding for the enjoyment of the more experienced. The flow trails have sensational views of Lake Livigno.

Opening Carosello 3000 and Sitas Bike Area: 24 June - 17 September 2023


A day in the saddle you won't forget.  Take your mountain bike to alpine peaks, scenic passages and unspoilt pastures. Ride a mix of trail flow, enduro and ancient mule tracks. An epic tour that will leave you breathless. The "Tutti Frutti Epic" tour is a 50 km route that includes part of the new Carosello 3000 mountain bike trails, combined with some of Livigno's historic trails. The tour is suitable for all all-mountain, cross-country and enduro riders. The tour will allow you to ride on completely different types of trails.  Thanks to the presence of cable cars and chair lifts, you will be able to cover all 50km by pedalling only a few hundred metres. The Tutti Frutti Epic Mtb Tour starts at the Carosello 3000 gondola lift in San Rocco (No. 11) and ends at the start of the Livigno Centro gondola lift (No. 25).

Follow the flowing rhythm through curves, parabolics and sprints. Take on the rocky terrain of Enduro tracks. Relax on a family hike. Venture into the backcountry following ancient mule trails. Mountain biking is more than just a sport, it is a way to clear your mind and feel truly free.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 6 Km
Difference: 469 m.
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Coast to Coast is the flow path which, starting from the top of Carosello 3000, allows you to reach the Costaccia Mountain Hut. The trail follows the ridge of the mountain that separates the main valley of Livigno from the Val Federia behind it, thereby giving adventurers a spectacular panoramic view and an incredible feeling of lightness and freedom.

 Difficulty level: medium
Length: 3.5 Km
Difference: 342 m.
The Rollercoaster is the natural extension of the “Coast to Coast” trail, with a spectacular view over the lake of Livigno. The route allows you to depart from the Costaccia mountain hut and arrive in the town. It is a trail with typical flow characteristics with banked curves, stretches through the woods, and some momentum with the slightest slope.

Difficulty level: medium
Length: 4.4 Km
Difference: 400 m.
Characterised by wide banked curves, it is a trail which is particularly well-loved by anyone looking for speed at high altitudes. Accessible either coming from Sitas, near the Valandrea Vetta Monte chairlift, or from the Carosello direction, where it eventually leads back to.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 1.8 Km
Difference: 156 m.
This S-shaped trail is short yet intense: very fast, with a few jumps thrown in. Accessible from near the arrival point of the Valandrea Vetta chairlift, it will allow you to flow into the last stretch of the H-Dream to then arrive at the middle station of the Carosello 3000 gondola lift.

Difficulty: high
Length: 1.6 Km
Difference: 286 m.
Designed for the most experienced bikers, it is accessible either coming from Sitas (near the Valandrea Vetta Monte chairlift) or from the Carosello direction (after having taken a stretch of “Coast to Coast”), where it eventually leads back to. Mostly created on steep, rocky stretches, it will allow you to experience an adrenaline-filled descent with a view over the valley of Livigno.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 4.9 Km
Difference: 336 m.
Is this one of the first times that you’re going mountain biking? The Bike Academy is the right options for you, designed especially for beginners! At 5km long and with 8 exercise areas (balance, step down, switch back, rock garden, north shore, drops, jumps and skinny), it starts from the arrival point of the Valandrea-Vetta chairlift and leads to the Costaccia Mountain Hut. It will be the beginning of your training before you take on the more challenging trails.

Difficulty level: medium
Length: 3.2 Km
Difference: 316 m.

Difficulty level: medium
Length: 1.36 Km
Difference: 200 m.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 3.5 Km
Difference: 334 m.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 3 Km
Difference: 80 m.
The Hairy Cattle trail is a trail which runs parallel to the “Panoramica”, but higher up. This is also suitable for bikers, hikers and runners. As such, it is a trail which is suitable for everyone and usable in both directions, starting from the Costaccia mountain hut and arriving at the middle station of Carosello 3000, with a largely flat and easy route perfect for the whole family.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 4.43 Km
Difference: 380 m.
Devoted entirely to hikers and runners, it can be followed in either direction, and connects Carosello 3000 and Sitas, passing right along the ridge of the mountain. A picturesque and relaxing path between the sky and the land which will give you a breathtaking view to enjoy all around, with the opportunity to immortalise the “highest” point of your holidays near the “photo point”.

Difficulty: high
Length: 3.2 Km
Difference: 358 m.
The Black Hill is a route created for bikers as well as hikers and runners, but only the most adventurous and experienced will be able to follow it. At a little over 3km long, it is a trail created on the ridge of the mountain which is characterised by a broadly linear, fast and rather technical course: a real challenge!

Difficulty: high
Length: 2 Km
Difference: 349 m.
The Croce is a trail dedicated to hikers and runners alone. A trail which develops completely immersed in the woods, starting from just below the Costaccia mountain hut, later merging into the Panoramica along the way: in short, a cool refuge in nature which is protected from the elements.

Difficulty level: low
Length: 5.8 Km
Difference: 110 m.
Ideal for anyone who prefers a mostly flat and relaxed route to be enjoyed at leisure, even with the family. The route is two-way and can be enjoyed by both bikers and runners/hikers. As the name implies, the trail offers the thrill of the view overlooking the valley of Livigno, despite being not too high up over it. Halfway up, the trail crosses the so-called “Tee” (ancient rural dwellings), starting from the arrival point of the first section of the Livigno-Tagliede gondola lift and arriving in the town, in the Forcola area.