Flow Trails

Carosello 3000 features over 50km of mountain bike pathways. From newly built flow and enduro routes through to single trails which lead to beautifully pristine mountain areas, expert bikers, families and learners will be able to find a route suited to their expectations.

The Carosello 3000 mountain also hosts the Tutti Frutti Epic MTB tour, a route that can be covered in a day and includes part of the new pathway along with some of Livigno’s historical routes. The tour is 45 kilometres long, with just a few hundred metres of uphill pedalling, and the routes are perfect for all mountain riding and also for anyone who enjoys cross-country cycling and enduro biking.
Opening Tagliede (15th June – 15th September 2019)
Opening Livigno Carosello 3000 (15th June – 22th September 2019)

1. Blueberry line - Technical-Flow
A hybrid trail that combines the smooth riding style typical of flow with technical sections and a rapid succession of parabolic turns. A trail that passes through picturesque clearings and woodland. A treasure hidden among the trees that will make you love mountain biking even more. Watch out for the blueberry eye!!

2. Hutr Dream - Flow-Trail With Air-Time
Finished in the summer of 2015, the H-Dream (Hutr) is a fast route characterised by wide parabolic turns and uneven areas, which ensure fantastic air-time for expert bikers.

3. Coast To Coast - Scenic Flow-Trail
With its 6km of bends, leaps and smooth stretches, Coast to Coast is a trail that combines flowcountry features with an epic excursion offering a spectacular view of the valley of Livigno. The trail connects the two cable railways of the Mountain Park.

4. Roller Coaster - Pure Flow-Country
A trail with real flowcountry features: a sequence of bends, parabolic turns and leaps with a slope always below 10° and a pace that allows you to almost never touch the pedals and brakes. A real roller coaster with breathtaking views at the top and fascinating landscapes in the wood.

5. S-way - Flow Connection With Jumps
It’s a very fast trail with jumps that is drawing a giant S into a wonderful natural-teather (in winter there are the ski slopes of Fontane Vetta). It starts from the second part of trail Coast to Coast and it’s taking bikers back to the middle-station of the cable-way Carosello 3000 of San Rocco area joining the last section of the H-Dram (Hutr).

6. Hairy Cattle - Scenic Transfer
A trail connecting the top of the cable railway Livigno Centro (Rifugio Costaccia) and the middle station of the cable railway Carosello 3000 of San Rocco. It is a particularly scenic cycle trail, which owes its name to the crossing of the meadows where the Highlander breed of cattle pasture.

7. Madonon - Scenic Trail
A cycle trail that reaches the famous statue of the Madonna delle Rezze and the Alpine shelter of Involt da li Resa, one of the most breathtaking sights in the entire valley. Along the route, you can also enjoy a view of the Bernina Range glacier. Warning: the trail that goes down towards the Plascianet is highly dangerous and is therefore forbidden to mountain bikes.

8. Federia Trail - Freeride Trail
A single trail that, from the top of the cable railway Carosello 3000 of San Rocco leads down to the heart of the beautiful Val Federia. The trail is rather fast-paced, steep in certain parts and with crossings in bumpy areas. After reaching the level road, it flows into the dirt road that runs through the entire valley and exits in the Calcheira area.

9. Federia Strada Bianca - Country Road
A road accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles, which, from the top of the cable railway Carosello 3000 of San Rocco goes back down the Val Federia amidst beautiful and picturesque pristine landscapes. At kilometre five, near the Agriturismo Alpe di Federia, the road meets the single-trail (see above) and continues smoothly through the Alpine pastures towards the exit in the Calcheira area.

10. Panoramica - Country Road
A wonderful scenic route that runs through the valley halfway up the slope, passing the old farmhouses (which, in fact, are called “li Tea”). The trail can be conveniently accessed near the middle station of the cable railway Livigno Centro and you can proceed up to the Ponte Lungo in the Forcola area. Along the route there are a few roads leading into the village and to the starting area of the cable railway Carosello 3000 of San Rocco.

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