Flow Trails

Livigno Flow trails NEW FLOW TRAILS IN LIVIGNO for the bike enthusiasts

A new way to experience the mountain during the summer in Livigno, which offers the bike enthusiasts easy and accessible trails. The new flow trail unique in Italy and are characterized by small bumps, rhythmic impulses and  a sequence of curves both for Profi and Beginners.

Carosello 3000 will be opened from Saturday 25th June to Sunday 11th of September and for the opening day 10 km of new itineraries divided into two trails will be already rideable. The “Coast to Coast”, 6 km of curves and jumps in front of the beautiful scenery of the Livigno lake, and the “Roller Coaster”, 4 km of pure freedom in flow style. To reach the mountain top are available two cable cars that bring you directly to the trails.

And there's more. During the summer two new trails are going to be completed which will be available immediately after their completion. The “Hairy Cow” is a good example, an all-mountain 4 km trail that will allow the connection of the cable cars providing a wider range of itineraries

More info about the trails and reduced rates http://carosello3000.com/it/mountain-bike/flowtrails

Opening Livigno Centro (18 June – 11 September)
Opening Carosello 3000 (24 June – 10 September)

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