Al plu guz da Livign

Do you feel more marmot or skier? Do you like mountain biking or walking in the mountains more? Choose the pawn that best represents you in Livigno and start playing! In the game you will have to buy, build, sell and bargain Livigno's properties and activities by dealing with ocasgions and quizzes about the little Tibet.

Within the board game there are three different types of properties: flats, hotels and ski lifts. On each property you can build assets to earn money and invest them in other ways to make other players lose. Will you be able to build a suite room in the hotels or a cable car in the ski lifts? And then again the shops, the petrol stations, the Livigno Dairy and the Aquagranda. All investment possibilities to win.


The rules of the Livign board game explained in a quick and easy way

Discover the rules of Filon - al plu guz da Livign in a quick and easy way by watching the specially made video tutorial. Easily find the rules you need with the chapters.

Will you be able to become the Filon of Livigno?

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