Bicycle Path

Livigno's bicycle and pedestrian path is an excellent choice for those who want to move around in a healthy, sustainable, and safe way. The path is close to the town center and runs for about 17 km along the valley. It is suitable for everyone: families with children or those looking for a leisurely stroll through nature. Starting at the Latteria di Livigno, near the Lake area, and ending at the Forcola area, the lane can be easily reached from almost any hotel or apartment in Livigno. Thanks to this, anyone who decides to use the bike and pedestrian path can enjoy a safe and traffic-free experience.

The bicycle and pedestrian lane is an important infrastructure for sustainable mobility, too.  Indeed, using it helps to reduce air pollution, noise, and the environmental impact of motorized vehicles, thus promoting the protection of our planet and its resources. 

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Along the Livigno bike and pedestrian path you will find several areas equipped for having a picnic. Moreover, spread along the 17 km lane there are several playgrounds where you can stop and play with your children. The peace of nature and the brisk air will give you a unique time together with your children


From the bicycle and pedestrian path, you can easily reach the Latteria di Livigno, our Dairy, to have a traditional lunch or a quick snack time with local products. Not to be missed is the dairy's homemade ice cream which can be enjoyed on the panoramic outdoor terrace or while strolling along the river. From the bicycle and pedestrian path, you can also access the Bike Skill Center, a bike park equipped with wooden boardwalks and pump tracks, both for adults and children who are getting on a mountain bike for the first time. 


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In Livigno, anywhere you look is vacation, also for the activities organised for the summer. The operators in the area have designed them for different needs, learning from the experience of years of tourism focused on nature and people.