The Swiss National Park was founded in 1914, it is one of the oldest national parks in the Alps.

It covers 170 square kilometers of land and its wild landscape is strictly protected, where animals and plants evolve freely and natural processes can develop their effect.

According to the definition of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (uicn), the Swiss National Park belongs to the highest category I (integral protection zone) and thus plays in the "Champions League" of nature reserves. 

This strict protection status is binding. In the National Park, you cannot leave trails, pick flowers, mow lawns, kill animals or cut down trees. 

Nature is left to its own devices and nothing can be changed. This is not just protection of the species, but even broader protection that goes to safeguard the whole living space with its natural processes.

Fallen trees, mudslides, and landslides of disintegration also belong to it. This broad and consistent philosophy has been a central element since the founding of the Swiss National Park on August 1, 1914, and is a guarantor for future development.



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