Livigno dairy

Genuine, as we like it.

The Latteria di Livigno, our Dairy, was born out of a desire to promote the development of the mountain environment and its economy. 25 small and medium-sized dairy producers joined together in a cooperative creating a place that, alongside the processing of dairy products, offers residents and tourists the opportunity to experience firsthand all the goodness of milk. You can visit our workshops, admire the vintage farm equipment in the small museum, and taste the products at the coffee shop or on the large outdoor terrace.

The genuineness and quality of the products are guaranteed by letting the cattle graze on alpine pastures during the summer months, feeding the livestock with selected feed and fodder, testing the milk quality  daily, and following a strict raw material processing protocol.


The Latteria di Livigno, thanks to its tourist-oriented approach, gives you the chance, using an audio guide, to learn more about the processing and production of milk and its byproducts, such as yogurt and cheese. A
small “tasting bag"; with some Latteria products will be provided at the end of the visit.


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