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Livigno Bike park struttura 2016 Mottolino bikepark offers 13 trails, to enjoy downhill and freeride bike. 3 different levels to satisfy both beginners or experts, a jump area to learn jumping skills and a north shore area with wooden features to face in safety. At the end of the trails there’s also a maxi big airbag to test new aerial tricks. If you’ve never tried the fun of downhill biking, you can rely on the rental shop Dr. Rent, where to find all the necessary equipment and where to ask for a bike guide to learn some useful techniques. Book your day at Mottolino bikepark on the website or come straight to us: all our services are located nearby Mottolino gondola terminal!

Opening Bike Park Mottolino (9th June – 30th September 2018)

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Scott trails in Bike park Mottolino
Have you reached the top of the Mottolino cable car? Choose the track that best suits your skills and go for it! Get the party started!
With 600 metres of altitude and runway length of 4.5 km, the bike park offers trails for everyone.

11 tracks: from beginner tracks to black runs for the pros and stronger bikers. Have fun on our trails, full of dishes, various sizes of jumps and lots of facilities. For the 2010 season, we have the new jump area and giant inflatable bag just next to the cable car stop.

1) Flow Line: red
Length: 2.500 m
Fast and flowing track with high dishes, jumps of different sizes and table tops

2) The First Ever: red
Length: 1.700 m
Fast single trail, but not too technical, although there are some roots and quite steep sections.

3) Downhill: black
Length: 2.200 m Technical and fast track. This is the steep trail of the World Mountain Biking Championships and is reserved for more experienced and prepared bikers.

4) Black Eye: black
Length: 300 m
Steep and slippery track with several sections over stones, connects to the Easy Line. Very technical and challenging.

5) B.B.: black
Length: 180 m
Steep and slippery track with several sections over stones, connects to the Easy Line. Very technical and challenging.

6) Chemical water: red
Length: 450 m
Fairly flat route, but made it fun due to the many roots and curves. The final part connects with First Ever.

7) Wild Black Sheep: black
Length: 548 m
Technical track with narrow counter sloping passages

8) 23: red
Length: 284 m
The creators of the more technical "Panet" propose a simple track but with a few narrow passages.

9) Stoner: red
Length: 2.000 m
Fast track through the woods with some ups and downs, ideal for getting comfortable with speed.

10) Panet: black
Length: 586 m
A striking black run through woods, bushes, medium to difficult sections and challenging slopes. By lovers of downhill for lovers of downhill.

11) Take it Easy: blue
Length: 4.400 m
Racy in the first part with a few bumps. From the third kilometre, the path narrows and you go into the forest. Even more fun thanks to the presence of a few roots. Suitable for the first run of the day and perfect for beginners.

12) EAS 23: blue (NUOVO sentiero stagione 2014)
Length: 4.200 m

13) Sic58: black
Length: 1.500 m

Livigno Bike park struttura Not just trails! At the Livigno Bike Park there is more to discover: our North Shore Area, built completely from wood; and the Air Bag and Jump Course, where you can practice and learn new tricks on your bike. Find out more about the various facilities:

The Slopestyle line, completely dedicated to pro rider, is a stunning line made of dirt and wood structures, including a couple of ramps from the Nine Knights castle useful to improve the riding level. Drop, wave, hip and dirt jump are the first features and they will be completed with further new structures in the coming months.

This area on the Eira Pass, accessible by the ‘Take It Easy’ or ‘Flow Line Trail’, one can practice sequence dirt jumps. These jumps are along 3 different lines and 3 different levels of difficulty.

Built in the forest, this area consist of a number of different kinds of structures: catwalks, suspension bridges over bubbling streams and winding staircases, located below the first half of Mottolino gondola and accissible from every trail.

The perfect facility for learning new jumps or improving your technique must provide a soft landing, just as our Air Bag does. Located at the base of the Mottolino gondola, access is free for anyone with a bike pass. This is where your trail to the bike park’s big jumps begins!

Just above the jump area, you’ll find 4 drops suitable to medium/high level bikers. Starting from the smaller jump, it grows until the biggest one which is dedicated to expert riders that will test their abilities in this area.

Ask for your BikePass, to ride freely on both Mottolino & Carosello 3000!

BikePass Livigno Rates

1 38,00 € 27,00 €
2 62,00 € 43,50 €
3 83,50 € 58,50 €
4 104,00 € 72,00 €
5 124,50 € 85,50 €
6 145,00 € 99,00 €
7 166,00 € 112,50 €
8 186,50 € 125,50 €
9 207,00 € 139,00 €
10 227,50 € 152,50 €
11 248,00 € 166,00 €
12 269,00 € 179,00 €
3 in 5 days 89,50 € 64,00 €
5 in 7 days 131,00 € 90,50 €
7 in 10 days 172,00 € 117,50 €
Season 360,50 € 252,50 €
* Born in 2007 and after and senior born in 1953 and earlyer

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