Recharge your car with Livigno's green energy

You who have chosen to travel eco, in Livigno you will find Be Charge recharging stations, all located outside the ZTL zone; discover where on the map below!

Be Charge columns in Livigno are here:

  • Parking 15

  • Plaza Placheda - Via Saroch 1098

  • Via Isola

  • Parking 11 - Passo d'Eira


Charging your car with Be Charge is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

1. Download the Be Charge app at the following link: 
2. Register
3. Enter the credit card 
4. Consult the map to locate the desired service station. For each charging station you will be able to get the necessary information about its location, operating status and the maximum power that can be delivered.
5. Recharge your car
6.  While refuelling, Be Charge makes it possible to display certain statistics, e.g. the kWh charged and the output power of the charging station.
7. Once the desired state of charge is reached, set off on an adventure!