Public Transport

icona pulmino BUS

Bus is free of charge
Livigno bus gratuito
Four lines (Blue, green, red and yellow) operate every hour between 7.30am and 8.00pm
Additional services in the high season.

Autoservizi Silvestri
Via Dala Gesa 265/E
Tel: +390342996283

There are 3 bus lines operating in Alta Valtellina:
BLUE Valdidentro- Bagni Nuovi e Vecchi - Livigno
YELLOW Santa Caterina Valfurva - Madonna dei Monti
RED Valdisotto-Oga/Le Motte - Tirano
Bicycles may also be transported only with reservation.

Autobus Perego
Tel. +39 0342 905 090

Service available from 8th June, 2014.
Running 6 times daily.
Timetables and connections:
Departure from the Livigno Cross-country Ski Centre

The direct bus service to ZERNEZ remains operational throughout the year, with 6 trips per day during wintertime and 8 per day during the summer.
The bus timetables are designed to coincide with the RHB train to St. Moritz, the POSTAauto bus via Malles to Merano with Engadin-MeranRoute Express connections (every hour)
Timetables and connections:
Departure from the Livigno Cross-country Ski Centre.

icona shuttle SHUTTLE

La Drossa Tunnel Bike Shuttle

Between 01.06.2015 and 20.09.2015 cyclists may not ride through the tunnel and during this period the ‘La Drossa Bike shuttle’ is in operation to take you from one end of the Tunnel to the other.

Bike Shuttle connections, starting at Punt dal Gall*

Dal Punt dal Gall* Da La Drossa*
09:00 09:20
09:45 10:05
10:30 10:50
11:15 11:35
12:00 12:20
12:45 13:05
13:30 13:50
14:15 14:35
15:00 15:20
15:45 16:05
16:30 17:00

Cost of a Bike-shuttle-bus Ticket: CHF 8.00 / EURO 7:00
Rail connections outside the Bike-shuttle bus timetable (i.e. fewer seats available for cyclists)

Bus-line Connections

Dal Punt dal Gall* Da La Drossa*
08:15 09:25
09:15** 10:25**
10:15 11:25
12:15 13:25
14:15 15:25
15:15** 16:25**
16:15 17:25
18:15 19:25

* Up to 5 minutes time difference with respect to the timetable is normal.
** Operational as from 13.06.2015.