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An exclusive collection, a journey through the history of the Olympics.

The Olympic torch is first of all a symbol, and then a sign. A symbol of hope and tenacity and a sign of beginning and end: its lighting officially kicks off the celebration of the Olympic Games and its extinction declares its end.


The Olympic flame, lit by the torchbearer and passed from hand to hand, tells of the supportive character of a sporting event in which its protagonists take turns, as in a relay race. The torch is also the iconic element par excellence of the sporting agon, for it symbolizes the ardor of effort, the hope of victory, the burning passion of the dream. Even after the Olympics are over, the torch remains as a reminder of an extraordinary journey of effort, challenge and history-changing emotions. That is why it takes on timeless value and heroic significance.

We are therefore happy to present this exceptional selection of Olympic torches in Aquagranda, CONI Olympic Preparation Center, to celebrate the 2026 Olympic Games, which Livigno will proudly host.

Since the first Winter Olympic Games took place in 1924, much has changed, and Livigno has experienced nothing short of extraordinary development and growth. From being an operational base for military exercises, it has become a resort beloved by sportsmen and athletes from all over the world, who elect it each year as the ideal destination for skiing, biking and general high-altitude training, thanks to a wide range of quality services, innovative equipment and facilities of excellence, in a superlative natural setting.

Right here, in the heart of the Alps, the Winter Olympic Games for the snowboard and freestyle disciplines will be held in 2026.

An event that we already want to "light up" like this, with this iconic tribute to the timeless beauty of sports competitiveness, which can never be separated from loyalty, commitment and strength.

Livigno, the sport, the flashlights, the Games: a long journey, a journey through History, a dream that is ignited!


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