In the Piccolo Tibet, everything is ready to celebrate in style: starting from Thursday, February 20th, Livigno awaits all ages with games, floats and many events that will make the Carnival 2020 unique and unforgettable!

At 1816 meters, among the Italian Alps, the emotion for the long-awaited Carnival 2020 grows more and more: just a few days are missing and Livigno, thanks to the organization and commitment of the Cooperativa Sociale L’Impronta, with the patronage of APT and the Municipality of Livigno and with the precious help of those who have worked for the events, is ready to amuse everyone with games, dinners, parades and experiences not to be missed, including the carnival lottery.

The celebrations will start on Thursday, February 20th at 21.00 at Campo Scuola n.23 (Scuola Sci Centrale) with the eagerly awaited Staffetta delle Contrade: organized by the Folk Group of Livigno, to begin it, there will be a parade in typical Livigno outfits that, starting from the town hall at 20.30, will reach Campo Scuola n.23. Here will start the relay race, during which the Contrade will compete in a competition with vintage skis and sledges offering a truly unique and traditional show, which will end at the rhythm of an accordion at the Bar Centrale.

There will be many events on Sunday, February 23rd: starting at 13.00, at the Middle Schools in Via dala Gesa, registrations will be open to participate in the traditional Contest of the Masks, which at 13.30 will join the floats to start the Parade of the Allegorical Wagons and the Masks along the streets of Livigno. At 15.00 there will be one of the most awaited moments, especially for children: both adults and children will be awaited in Plaza Placheda for the Great Carnival Party, with games and entertainment for all, during which the best masks will be awarded. From 18.30 it will be possible to dine together at the Carnival Dinner prepared by the group Special AMA; at the end of the day on Sunday, starting at 20.30, there will be the challenge of the Contrade at the Greasy Pole.

During the evening of Monday, February 24th there will be celebrations: at 20.00, at Trepalle courts, one of the challenges that will contribute to the victory of the Trofeo delle Contrade, the Scopa d’Oro Challenge, which will involve in a show not to be missed. To end the evening, starting at 22.30, will be a Spaghetti party for all those taking part in the challenge.

The last day of celebration will be Tuesday, February 25th: the meeting will be at 13.00 at Passo d'Eira, where the Parade of the Allegorical Floats will start on the streets of Trepalle. Also in Trepalle, the most beautiful Mask will be awarded: from 14.00 it will be possible to register at the Elementary Schools of Trepalle and from 14.30 the entertainment will start in the Gym of the School. At 15.00 the appointment will be with the relay race Van dà bot, which at 16.30 will leave the place at the awards ceremony.

Two very awaited moments will close the Carnival 2020 in Livigno, at 17.00 the Carnival Lottery and the awarding of the Trofeo delle Contrade – Carnevale 2020. This year there is also great news related to it. With the proceeds of lottery tickets and paid games, two important projects will be realized: the project Assistenza h24, through which it will be possible to guarantee the presence of social assistance helpers for the accompaniment and support of elderly and frail people during their stay at Lake Garda, and the Family Project Work, the competition aimed at families in Livigno and Trepalle, who will be able to present their project addressed to the community to respond to some specific needs and social needs identified by the families themselves

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