Great success for the fifth edition of the Gourmet Path: the appointment dedicated to the gastronomic tradition of Livigno has just ended, giving guests a sensational experience between taste and nature, in the evocative setting of Alpe Vago. The event saw the participation of Sonia Peronaci, a famous digital entrepreneur, food influencer and conductor who, as godmother, started the 2021 edition.

The fifth edition of the Gourmet Trail, the famous itinerant gastronomic event dedicated to food lovers that was held yesterday - September 16, in an unprecedented day version, has come to an end. A unique event, aimed at enhancing the Italian and Livigno culinary traditions, without giving up total immersion in the nature of the valley. The event took place in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations, in the evocative context of Alpe Vago.

Set up by the Livigno Chefs and Confectioners Association (ACPL), the five gourmet stations delighted the diners, who were able to make a real journey of taste between excellence and authenticity, in the company of the godmother of the 2021 Gourmet Path, Sonia Peronaci, who has covered all the stages meeting the chefs and their brigades.

At each station, visitors tasted different gourmet finger food proposals, revisited traditional dishes and a Tas't - Livigno Native Food themed finger food, designed to enhance the ingredients and recipes of the past. The Tas’t project was born from the collaboration between the Livigno Chefs and Confectioners Association, APT Livigno, producers and hoteliers with the aim not only of safeguarding, but also disseminating and passing on to tourists the flavors of tradition and the most authentic products.

The courses were accompanied by a selection of excellent wines served "in the dark", that is, revealing the label only at the end of the tasting. At the Li Mota station, "manned"by Lady Chef Pamela Viviani together with her staff, the diners were able to taste a series of appetizers including Tas't, an amouse bouche based on salted beef, goat ricotta and Pásola crumble accompanied from a 2017 Alta Langa.

At the Plan da Rin Alt station, chef Luca Galli and his brigade served a trio of first courses accompanied by a 2018 Chablis Premier Cru: an explosion of flavors between tradition and creativity, such as ris cunc ravioli in parmesan broth and ricotta dumpling with citrus shrimp quenelle.

Suspended on the Pont dal Vert, the guests tasted the surprising interludes signed by the team led by chef Raffaele Rodigari, further enhanced by the strong and flavored flavor of the Fabbrica della Birra Perugia beer. Their carcent, rye and bacon dumpling in hay and chamomile broth is a perfect example of Livigno's attention to spreading and promoting traditional recipes and ingredients.

The second courses conceived by the chef and President of the Chefs and Confectioners Association Mirko Bormolini and his staff were instead the protagonists of the Pont da Rez Sc'tort station, where the participants tasted a trio of meat-based finger food such as Carrè d lamb stuffed with porcini mushrooms and pumpkin, accompanied by a full-bodied Pinot.

Finally, in the desserts signed by the working group led by pastry chef Andrea Galli, shortbread and mousse are mixed with the aromas of citrus and rosemary. To accompany the Tast, a goat ricotta mousse with cheluda jam and the Aranc, a citrus shortbread, a very fragrant Reciotto.

Alongside the wines, each station also offered the guests Acqua Frisia, a historic Italian brand of low mineral content water that shares Livigno's green vocation: in fact, it uses only disposable glass bottles, in order to preserve the characteristics of the water and protect the environment thanks to the use of a plastic-free material, completely recyclable.

At the end of the tour, the coffee station offered guests an excellent tasting thanks to Kafé and its locally ground products. A refined setting with attention to detail contributed to making the experience even more unique and evocative, obviously combined with a high-level culinary proposal in the beautiful naturalistic context offered by Little Tibet.

With tradition at heart and the will to pass it on, the Livigno Chefs and Confectioners Association has brought excellence and traditions to the table through the creations of member chefs and interesting reinterpretations, further enhancing the products of the earth, with total immersion in the landscape from which they originate. From the passion for traditional cuisine and the desire to preserve ancient recipes, the Association has created Leina da Saor, a bilingual photographic book published by Giorgio Mondadori that collects 100 traditional recipes, 37 revisited and over 250 photographs.

“After a year off, we are proud to have completed this fifth edition of the Gourmet Path in full compliance with the anti-Covid regulations” - comments Luca Moretti, President and CEO of APT Livigno. "With this event we wanted to celebrate excellence, our roots, and our gastronomic culture. We strongly believe in food as an important driver to attract more and more travelers, not only Italians, but also Europeans, intrigued by a gastronomic offer of excellence stretched between tradition, innovation and creativity ".

At the Starter Gastronomy Station: 
CHEF: Pamela Viviani, Livio Castellani, Luigi Pedrana, Mauro Vitalini, Emilia Silvestri, Tarcisio Castellani, Pasquale Vitolo
SOMMELIER: Andrea Cairoli, Mirko Bormolini
WAITERS: Athos Castellani, Greta Mori
LIVE MUSIC: Alberto Canclini

At the Frist Course Station:
CHEF: Luca Galli, Diego Citterio, Steve, Marcello Nella, Denis Flok Andreola,  
SOMMELIER: Stefano Trezzi, Clementina Cantoni
WAITERS: Murad Dario Borsi, Alessia Confortola
LIVE MUSIC: Fabio Pensa

At the Middle Course Station:
CHEF: Raffaele Rodigari, Kristi Sharkaj, Andrea Fugnanesi, Spisni Davide, Gabriele Bianchi, Matteo Valsecchi, Luigi Galario, Alessio Miccoli 
SOMMELIER: Federica Strologo, Vancho Stojanovski
WAITERS: Barbara Rodigari, Naomi Spisni, Graziano Clemente
LIVE MUSIC: Max Pezzoli

At the second course station: 
CHEF: Bormolini Mirko, Cusini Agostino, Cusini Isaia, Mottini Mattia, Ricci Emiliana, Bormolini Michele, Coniglio Aurelio
SOMMELIER: Ponti Luca, Muffati Bryan
WAITERS: Riccarda, Casadei Francesca, Monaci Gaia, Rodigari Melissa
LIVE MUSIC: Giulia Cusini

At the dessert station: 
CHEF: Andrea Galli, Luca Galli, Elia Vitalini, Ilenia Zini, Giovanna Radaelli, Laura Garnero, Dilan Cusini, Antonio Nanocchio.   
SOMMELIER: Lorena Galli, Davide Masa
WAITERS: Lucia Muharemi, Giuliano Gianotti, Francesco Calcagno
LIVE MUSIC: Matteo Gianola
STAFF: Mario Zini

Discover all the chefs of the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chef Association who contributed to the success of the event: associati/

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