The most awaited appointment by gastronauts returns in Livigno with a delicious new edition: next September 16th, in the evocative setting of Alpe Vago, the Gourmet Path will be staged, the event by the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chef Association which brings to the table a selection of gourmet dishes and finger food all to be savored in the uncontaminated nature of the valley. This year's special godmother is the Italian food blogger, cook, writer and presenter Sonia Peronaci.

Livigno is preparing for an exciting new appointment with the famous Gourmet Path, the event, now in its fifth edition, which combines the enhancement of Italian and Livigno culinary traditions with total immersion in the nature of the valley. This year proposed for lunch, to take advantage of the sun and September temperatures.

Unique of its kind, the Gourmet Path is a traveling gastronomic event that winds its way through the woods of Little Tibet for five kilometers from Alpe Vago. The route is dotted with five food stations set up by the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chef Association (ACPL), founded in spring 2001 with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the culinary customs of the Livigno tradition. Between refinement and excellence, the Gourmet Path is a gastronomic event that is characterized by refined and suggestive settings, attention to detail and a high-level culinary proposal in the beautiful naturalistic context offered by Little Tibet.

At each stop, visitors will be able to taste different proposals of gourmet finger food and revisited traditional dishes, accompanied by a selection of excellent wines, served "in the dark", ie allowing guests to taste the wine paired with finger food, but without being able to view the labels, which will be revealed only at the end of the tasting.

Starting from the appetizers, we will move on to the tasting of first courses, middle courses, and second courses prepared with local products mixed with more refined and less usual ingredients, which will guide the palates of the diners up to dessert, coffee and Taneda, digestive liqueur of Livigno origins prepared with Achillea Moscata flowers. Each station also boasts a Tas't - Livigno Native Food themed finger food, designed to enhance local ingredients and recipes.

The Tas’t project was born from the collaboration between the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chef Association, APT Livigno, producers and hoteliers with the aim not only of safeguarding, but also disseminating and passing on to tourists the flavors of tradition and the most authentic products.

In this regard, next to the breakfast buffet, each participating hotel prepares the Livignasca Breakfast Corner (or the Livignasca Snack Basket for the apartments): with the tasting of sweets, bread, dairy products, sausages and local cured meats, all guests will be able to get to know and taste the excellence of the territory.

With tradition at heart and the desire to pass it on, the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chef Association celebrates, with the Gourmet Path, authenticity, excellence and traditions, bringing to the table the creations of member chefs and interesting reinterpretations, further enhancing the products of the earth, with a total immersion in the landscape from which they originate. From the passion for traditional cuisine and the desire to preserve ancient recipes, Leina da Saor is born, a bilingual photographic book published by Giorgio Mondadori that contains 100 traditional recipes, 37 revisited and over 250 photographs. A pride for all the associates to have realized their great dream: to ensure that the culinary tradition of Livigno was not lost, but was forever sealed in a black and white" collection to be handed down, browsed, learned and studied.

Accompanying Livigno on this journey, an exceptional godmother: the famous food blogger Sonia Peronaci who, by cutting the ribbon, will officially start the 2021 edition of the Gourmet Path. The passion for cooking, respect for local culture and traditions, combined with curiosity for new ingredients and the desire to inspire the public through recipes, tutorials and advice make Peronaci the ideal ambassador to tell and pass on authenticity and the gastronomic heritage of this locality.

The event, with limited places and compulsorily accessible by showing the Green Pass, has a cost of 100 euros per person: registrations, still open, must be made by presenting themselves at the events office of APT Livigno, in via saroch 1098/a.

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