In Little Tibet, the 'Traffic Free' initiative is back: a day of reduced traffic, dedicated to the use of public transport, to rediscover a more sustainable country and the advantages of a different mobility

On 30 March, therefore, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Municipal Administration, in agreement with APT and ATC Livigno, and the Association Skipass, will organise the Traffic Free Day, during which the following streets will be closed to traffic via Saroch, via Borch, via Pedrana, via Pizabela, via Svanon, via Confortina, via Rin, via Pozz, via Vinecc, via Toiladel, via Piceir, via Isola, via Fontana, via Boscola, via Prestefan, via Sant'Antoni, via Plan, via Bondi, via Pontiglia, via Pienz, via Taglieda, via Crosal, via Li Pont (from the Pontiglia roundabout to the Scuole roundabout), via Dala Gesa, via Ostaria, via Botarel, via Domenion, via Rasia, via dela Madonina, via Olta, via Canton, via Molin, via Federia, via Campacc, via Beltram, via Pemont, via dali Croscetta, via Teola and via Parè.

To facilitate travel, the urban LPT service, including the connection to Trepalle, will be further enhanced during the day. At 5 p.m., a meeting will be held in the Council Chamber of Livigno's Municipality, open to all citizens, where the new Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility will be presented and where everyone will be actively involved in defining strategies to improve Livigno's road system over the next 15 years.

The Traffic Free day is part of a larger project that shows Livigno's commitment and care for the environment and its landscape. Examples of this commitment are the five simultaneous recharging stations for electric vehicles, the PALINA Repower, put into operation thanks to the partnership with Repower, which add to the already existing columns in the area, as well as several Repower BITTAs for quick and easy recharging of e-bikes. Another example is the public transport service between the different areas of the village, which Livigno has decided to make totally free of charge in order to encourage its use and thus reduce the pollution caused by the frequent passage of cars.

In addition, the Municipality of Livigno in partnership with the Lombardy Region, the Sondrio Public Transport Agency, Italy and Switzerland, is continuing the Omni-BUS 4.0 project to promote a modern and sustainable Alpine cross-border public transport system.

In addition, an enhanced public transport service for the Alta Valtellina with a fast connection between Tirano and Livigno thanks to the R-Link bus came into force in December 2022, and the bus frequency in the direction of Bormio was also increased. Also reactivated this year is the Ski Linkservice, which serves as a shuttle between the two sides of the valley and sees both the south and north lines operating. 
Just like last year, Livigno residents will be able to take advantage of Traffic Free Day this year to rediscover alternative means of transport, such as horse-drawn carriages: a service activated by the resort to make it easier for skiers to get around.

Furthermore, on 30 March at 11 a.m., at the Sala Consiliare of the Municipality of Livigno, the new Primary Cabin will be presented, a project that is part of the legacy of the Olympic Games Milan-Cortina 2026 and represents a fundamental work for the whole territory of the Alta Valle. The Primary Cabin will allow, in fact, to adapt the current electricity distribution network to the emerging needs, as well as to adequately face the 2026 Winter Olympic Games that will see Livigno involved as Olympic Venue.

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