Aquagranda, one of Europe's largest state-of-the-art sports and wellness centres, presents an extraordinary new virtual reality experience in partnership with Ballast Technologies, Inc., a global leader in VR products for water parks and resorts.

In Aquagranda's Slide&Fun area, designed specifically for the fun of the whole family, adults and children (over 7 years old) will have the chance to try DIVR®, a hyper-immersive virtual reality snorkelling experience that uses state-of-the-art multi-sensory technology that allows guests to digitally transport themselves into four different worlds while floating safely in the centre's pool.

Once you put on your virtual reality mask, you can choose to immerse yourself in four breathtaking digital scenarios: Ocean, to explore the depths of the sea, encountering a pod of whales and going in search of an ancient shipwreck; Atlantis, to discover the wonder of the famous underwater city while swimming immersed in the coral reef; Space, for those who want to try hovering in the cosmos, travelling to the interstellar stations of Mars, Moon and Venus; and Sky, for those who want to experience the feeling of freedom and lightness of a wingsuit launch into the Grand Canyon.

"DIVR® represents an important and innovative advancement in the field of immersive experiences and it is an honour for us to be the first destination in Italy to offer this extraordinary product to our visitors," said Luca Moretti, President and CEO of APT Livigno, who continued: "We are confident that DIVR® will become one of the must-see attractions for those staying in Livigno and we can't wait for guests to experience it first-hand.
"Stephen Greenwood, CEO of Ballast VR said: "We are thrilled to have DIVR® at Aquagranda and to give guests the opportunity to experience the future of immersive entertainment. It is a much more powerful virtual reality snorkelling experience, thanks to the unique sense of immersion that floating in water offers: when you are weightless and surrounded by water, in fact, the human mind is convinced that you are in a completely different world and therefore allows you to fully enjoy this unique experience."

The experience, which can be booked on the Aquagranda website or at the centre's check-in desk, is available every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.with the following costs:
Purchase of 1 experience: € 3.50
Purchase of 2 experiences: € 6.00
Purchase of 3 experiences: € 8.00
Purchase of 4 experiences: € 10.00
Purchase of more than 5 experiences: € 2.00 each

Ballast Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in virtual reality products for water parks and resorts. With over 45 locations in 16 countries, Ballast continues to innovate new ways to create immersive experiences for water park and resort guests around the world.

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