A new Olympic Preparation Center at the service of Italian athletes. CONI President Giovanni Malagò and the President of the Livigno Tourist Promotion and Development Company, Luca Moretti, signed a protocol that transforms the Aquagranda Sports Center in Livigno into a CONI Affiliated CPO

This qualification, which can be awarded by CONI to Centers that meet the quality standards required by the Federations, thus transforms one of the largest sports and wellness facilities in Europe, already used for the rallies and internships of several Italian National Teams, into a point of reference for high altitude training of athletes of interest to Olympic and High Level Preparation and goes alongside the CONI CPOs of Acqua Acetosa, Formia and Tirrenia.

The agreement, valid until December 31, 2024 and presented at the end of the CONI National Council held in Perugia, provides for CONI's granting of the use of the CPO CONI "Affiliate" Brand, for institutional purposes only, and offers Federations the opportunity, after booking through CONI's Olympic Preparation, to use the sports and accommodation facilities of the Municipality of Valtellina for rallies and training at convention prices and rates: an opportunity that attracts the needs of several disciplines, particularly those that already used the Center, such as athletics, soccer, swimming, winter sports and triathlon.

A further confirmation of the incredible work done by Livigno in recent years, which has allowed the resort to become a reference point for hundreds of elite athletes, not only Italians. A pole of excellence, able to offer the best facilities for athletic training, a first-rate landscape context and the benefits of altitude training in the same scenario.

Satisfaction for the agreement reached, then, not only from local institutions, which are about to live the Five Circles countdown to Milan Cortina 2026, but also from Antonio Rossi, multiple Olympic champion and Undersecretary for Major Sports Events of the Lombardy Region, a reality that has always supported Livigno's development, as happened recently with the funding provided for the construction of the athletics track and the 50-meter pool, through the Sport and Suburbs call.

Rossi's words best summarize this fellowship: "I am, and we are, very pleased with this agreement, which we consider as an achievement. It is a certification of the work done so far and, at the same time, a starting point to look with even greater vigor to the future. Having a center of this level in our region has been a feather in the cap for our administration for years, and the recognition by CONI will only give a further push forward to those who, like Livigno, have always invested with passion and competence in the development of sports.

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