Livigno Snowfarm
Taking care of our snow

So what’s the latest trend?
Storing snow in winter to use in summer!
This is exactly what will happen in Livigno on occasion of the Trofeo delle Contrade (trophy), on the 24th August, when the snow stored during winter will be used to turn the resort into a huge cross-country skiing ring.
This unmissable event will prepare the resort for the autumnal Nordic skiing season that starts in October. The snow used to create the route was stored on the central plain of the village during the winter. It was covered with a layer of sawdust and then a geothermal sheet to insulate it from the temperature of the air and to reflect the sun’s rays.
This kind of set up is called a snowfarm, i.e. keeping the snow produced in winter during the summer so it can be used as and when necessary.

Fuel savings when moving snow

Energy saving in artificial snow production in October

Guaranteed snow from mid-October for the start of cross-country skiing season

Snow in August for special events

Once the sheet has been removed, snowcats will be used to process the mass of snow. It will then be taken to the centre, beaten, again using snowcats, and prepared for the competition.
Livigno continues to play its role of winter resort even during summer, continuously striving to convey its passion and love of snow sports to its guests.

Snow pile
A layer of sawdust provides insulation
Covering with geothermal sheet