APRIL THE 12th – APRIL THE 18th 2019: weekly report of freeride conditions

Week that bring us within spring conditions, even we receive as present one more snowfall for the Livigno area.
The snow quality was variable, not always good but we had the opportunities to make nice ski descents. At the beginning (April the 12th and the 13th), crusts, not easy to ski, were registered on the snow surface. Since April the 14th, thanks to the snowfall we had nice loose snow to ski for a couple of days. The days after (since April the 17th) with the daily warming, breakable melt-freeze crusts formed, except for Southern slopes where spring snow formed and the snow quality rise up again.

The main snowpack stability problems were related to new snow, with soft slabs, and to wet snow avalanches. Mainly the days after the snowfall we registered most of the natural avalanche activity; in the alpine, soft slabs, generally small-medium sized, and on Southern slopes, at all elevations and, on Northern slopes, below the treeline, wet snow avalanches. The problem related to persistent weak layers maintained, but only on isolated Northern slopes above 2500 m. Since April the 16th, the avalanche danger degree was 2-Moderate, after we had spring conditions with the avalanche danger increasing during the day, from 1 to 2; only in the alpine kept constant to 2.

Often breakable, melt-freeze crusts formed on the snow surface. Since April the 14th to April the 16th , with the snowfall, some centimetres of new snow (5-15 cm) were registered; mainly in the alpine, on Northern slopes, the loose snow maintained longer. On Southern slopes, the crusts had spring conditions (hard in the morning and gradually softer with the daily warming), on the other aspects were mainly breakable. Due to the freezing not always good, on East to West, going through South aspects, the snow cover was wet or moist up to the ground. On isolated Northern slopes in the alpine, persistent weak layers were registered.

Except for April the 14th , where the day was overcast, with light snowfalls (5-15 cm of loose snow); the rest of the week (before and after April the 14th), the weather was good and generally sunny, even if some periods with extended cloudiness were registered.