FEBRUARY THE 8th – FEBRUARY THE 14th 2019: weekly report of freeride conditions

High pressure.
The winds is again the main actor of this week…


Unfortunately the wind has strongly effected the snow quality. Only Friday the 8th and Saturday the 10, the snow quality was really good. Right now it is possible to find good snow to ski only on wind sheltered slopes and on Northern slopes, below the treeline. Elsewhere, the hard snow and the breakable melt freeze crusts, make not easy the off-piste activity. Only during the warmer hours of the day, the snow surface tends to be moist and a bit easier to ski.


Even the snowpack stability was influenced by the wind activity. With the strong winds, in all the aspects, medium sized, snow drifted accumulations formed. The wind slabs were reactive, mainly during their formation. In localized point, it was still possible trigger avalanche along the persistent weak layers, the dangerous spots were hard to detect. We registered few natural avalanche activity and no trigger avalanches. With mild air temperature, mainly on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th , small loose wet avalanches were registered. The avalanche danger degree was 3, until Wednesday the 13th ; after it decrease to 2.


Above the treeline, the snow surface is strongly wind effected, the wind activity effects increase with elevations, in windward sides and close to the ridges, the old hard snow is on the surface; only in wind sheltered slopes the snow is still loose. On very steep Southern slopes, breakable melt-freeze crust formed, which during the warmer hours are getting moist. Along the wind sheltered slopes, except for Southern slopes, persistent weak layers are recorded within the snowpack. The snowcover thicknesses are higher than the seasonal average.


Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th, days were sunny. Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th , with strong winds, at the beginning from North and after from South, days were cloudy with light snowfall. Tuesday the 12th the sky was generally sunny with moderate Northern winds. The rest part of the week (Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th ) weather was nice with mild air temperature.