Snow-Shoes & Ski touring

Snowshoes and mountain skiing are two of the more classical ways of enjoying nature in winter.

The snowshoes or drezola as they’re called in Livigno dialect, used by mountaineers when it’s cold, enable you to enjoy both the woods and valleys that seem to fall asleep in winter, and a glimpse of the many animals that live here.

There are an enormous variety of possible routes, allowing everyone to choose what suits them best: from climbs on open slopes lasting a couple of hours to trips onto the glaciers lasting several days.

Many of the peaks can be reached on skis, and we strongly recommend you always head out with an experienced mountain guide. There is much to learn during the course of the outings, such as the technicalities of skiing in this environment, the equipment, snow science and avalanche prevention.
In Livigno we’ve thought up a number of routes which have been marked out with poles by our guides for all those wishing to have a go at snowshoeing or mountain skiing. Anyone wishing to go out on the trails with an expert can contact:

Mountain Guides
Tel. +39 371 3892480‬

Scuola sci fondo Livigno 2000
Via Isola 113
Cell: +39 366 8793495


Snowshoes track Mine

download map and altimetry »
Time: 1h 30min
Drop: 118 m
Length: 2,01 km
Max gradient: 43,2 %

Snowshoes track Tea dal Brun
download map and altimetry »
Time: 1h 30min
Drop: 186 m
Length: 3,15 km
Max gradient: 34,7 %

Ski Touring Croce Valandrea
download map and altimetry »
Time: 1h 45min
Drop: 472 m
Length: 2,62 km
Max gradient: 53,6 %

Ski Touring Deschana
download map and altimetry »
Time: 1h 45min
Drop: 596 m
Length: 2,97 km
Max gradient: 43,7 %

  1. Take a look at the local snow and weather conditions on the local bulletin:
  2. Take with you the avalanche safety equipment: shovel, transceiver and probe (it is mandato-ry!). If you don’t know how to use them ask to Mountain Guides
  3. Be cautious and aware. You are the only responsible!
  4. Share the hike with a partner for more safety and fun.
  5. If you are not sure don’t hesitate to ask to Mountain Guides.
  6. In case of accident provide aid and call 112 immediately.