Shopping in Livigno

Livigno: a great shopping mall with breath-taking views!
As one of the best-known tourist resorts in the Lombardy region with over 250 shops, Livigno is a GREAT SHOPPING MALL situated out in the open at an altitude of 1,816 m in the heart of the Upper Rhaetia. Livigno presents visitors with A UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE undisturbed by traffic, in the outdoors and surrounded by mountains. There are exclusive brand name boutiques, accompanied by top-quality personalised services, as well as both traditional and modern arts and craft shops. All of this is capped with the most exclusive designer labels and a wide choice of leading brands, with outlets located along the streets of this magnificent OPEN-AIR SHOPPING GALLERY. This is where the prestigious high street, duty-free shopping experience combines with the surrounding pristine high-altitude mountain landscape. It is extraordinary to be able to glance upwards and feel part of this unspoilt environment, creating a sensation that only the Alps, lying above and beyond the forests, can provide.

Duty-free shopping and goods exempt from excise tax may be purchased on a limited scale, while there is a fixed price limit on all other merchandise, in excess of which the goods must be declared when departing from the territory of Livigno. For further information concerning the quotas permitted, please consult the relevant tables issued by the Association of Tourism and Commerce, which are available as a download from the website.