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Ask for your BikePass, to ride freely on both Mottolino & Carosello 3000!

BikePass Livigno Rates

1 € 37,00 € 26,00
2 € 60,00 € 42,00
3 € 81,00 € 57,00
4 € 101,00 € 70,00
5 € 121,00 € 83,00
6 € 141,00 € 96,00
SEASONAL € 350,00 € 245,00
* Born in 2005 and after
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Via Bondi 473/A

Tel: +39 0342 970025
Fax: +39 0342 970313

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Via Ostaria 79/C

Tel: 39 0342 990711
Fax: +39 0342 990757

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Bike Center is the meeting and information point for bikers in Livigno. This is where you’ll be able to talk to qualified instructors who are ready to answer your questions and meet all your needs. Our guides will be able to recommend the right trail for you within their weekly programme so you can enjoy the biking experience you really want. They’re also available to provide suggestions or simply chat about the bike world. Don’t miss this opportunity! The Bike Livigno guides will be waiting for you Every day from 10:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. and from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

Dedicated to kids of all ages, our Bike Skill Center is the ideal place for your child or teen to get familiar with a MTB or improve their riding technique. Besides qualified instructors who are skilled in teaching even the littlest of bikers how best to manage their bikes in complete safety, they’ll be able to meet new friends and use the many structures designed so they have fun learning. Pump-tracks, wooden walkways and a wide range of new features are available, for just a few hours or entire days in the great outdoors. Summer 2017, with its packed weekly programme, will win your kids over with activities at the park, guided bike rides and no end of games to play!

When: from 10th June to 10th September, Every day from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
Where: Bike Skill Center – Via Isola (Centro sci Fondo area – also accessible from the bike path).
For who: the activities in program are planned for children and teenagers (for children under 6-years-old is required the presence of a parent or the person in charge). The use of structures/entrance to the park is also suitable for adult bikers/experts.
Price with Livigno Card: discount of 5%.
Price without Livigno Card: €10,00.
Price for CdP Bike guests: discount of 10%.
Booking: not mandatory.
What you need to know: the entry cost includes assistance of qualified instructors. For info contact the MTB Guides @ Bike Skill Center +39 331 3322023 -

Don’t miss out on a chance to discover the very best trails in Livigno or Alta Rezia by taking part in the tours organised by our expert MTB Guides. Specially created excursions of differing levels are offered every day in order to satisfy the different requirements of our guests. The fun is guaranteed, whether you love cross-country biking or enduro, or wish to refine your technique at the Mottolino Bike Park and Carosello 3000 Flow-Trails. Take a look at our packed weekly programme or go and meet our Guides at the Bike Skill Center: it’s the ideal opportunity to talk BIKE and plan your outings!

c/o Bike Skill Center
Via Isola - 23030 Livigno (SO)
tel. +39 331 3322023 |

Shops and Rentals

Livigno SHOPS 360° Sport

360° Sport

via Crosal, 19

Tel: +39 0342 997219

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Livigno SHOPS De Fox

De Fox

Via Freita 1574

Tel: +39 0342 970471

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Livigno SHOPS Dr. Rent

Dr. Rent

Via Bondi, 473a

Tel: +39 0342 970025

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Livigno SHOPS I'm Sport

I'm Sport

Via Ostaria, 210

Tel: +39 0342 997722

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Livigno SHOPS Mountain Riders

Mountain Riders

Livigno SHOPS Mountain Riders

Rent a bike

Via Rin, 280c

Tel: +39 366 8793213

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Livigno SHOPS Rent Vip

Rent Vip

Via Plan, 411

Tel: +39 0342 997720

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Livigno SHOPS Sport Azzurro

Sport Azzurro

Via Rin, 330

Tel: +39 0342 970354

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Livigno SHOPS The Bike Store

The Bike Store

Via Domenion, 91

Tel: +39 0342 970307

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Livigno SHOPS Zinermann Sporting

Zinermann Sporting

Via Plan, 21h

Tel: +39 0342 996685

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Livigno icona shuttle SHUTTLE

All buses in operation have a transport "b" designation and prior reservations are necessary:
Autoservizi Silvestri 
tel. +39 0342 996283 - 

Bus Service Alta Valtellina
You can travel throughout the Alta Valtellina on the following colour-coded bus lines:
BLUE Valdidentro- Bagni Nuovi e Vecchi - Livigno
YELLOW Santa Caterina Valfurva - Madonna dei Monti
RED Valdisotto-Oga/Le Motte - Tirano
Bicycles may also be transported with prior reservation.
Autobus Perego
tel. +39 0342 905090 - 
Transport of bicycles is available, but you must reserve beforehand!

Bus Livigno-Zernez | Zernez Livigno
The direct bus service to ZERNEZ remains operational throughout the year, with 6 trips per day during wintertime and 8 per day during the summer. The bus timetables are designed to coincide with the RHB train to St. Moritz, the POSTAauto bus via Malles to Merano with Engadin-MeranRoute Express connections.
Please check rates and times
Timetables are shown on the website

Tunnel Munt La Schera
Service runs from 01.06.2017 until 17.09.2017. The BIKE SHUTTLE service takes bikers and cyclists across the Munt la Schera Tunnel. Please check rates and times.

Dal Punt dal Gall* Da La Drossa*
09:00 09:20
09:45 10:05
10:30 10:50
11:15 11:35
12:00 12:20
12:45 13:05
13:30 13:50
14:15 14:35
15:00 15:20
15:45 16:05
16:30 17:00

Cost of a Bike-shuttle-bus Ticket: CHF 6.00/EURO 5.00
Rail connections outside the Bike-shuttle bus timetable (i.e. fewer seats available for cyclists)

Bus Line Connections

Dal Punt dal Gall* Da La Drossa*
08:15 09:25
09:15** 10:25**
10:15 11:25
12:15 13:25
14:15 15:25
15:15** 16:25**
16:15 17:25
18:15 19:25

* Up to 5 minutes leeway on the timetable should be taken into account.
** Operational as from 01.06.2017.

Mountain biking is no more the same at Carosello 3000 Livigno: Flow-trails are the latest news. Everyone can ride in line with his /her own skill level. It is a new style track, based on speed and rhythm, that guarantees the necessary safety to beginners and a roller coaster sensation to expert bikers. Carosello 3000 also offers a network of trails for all-mountain excursions with stunning Alpine views. Starting form trails that follow the mountain ridges, passing through the wide “jeepable” roads up to the single trails that lead down to untouched areas. Both experts and beginners will find trails that match their expectations.

Opening Tagliede - Carosello 3000: (24th June – 10th September 2017)

via Saroch 1242/G
Tel: +39 0342 996152

Mottolino bikepark offers 13 trails, to enjoy downhill and freeride bike. 3 different levels to satisfy both beginners or experts, a jump area to learn jumping skills and a north shore area with wooden features to face in safety. At the end of the trails there’s also a maxi big airbag to test new aerial tricks. If you’ve never tried the fun of downhill biking, you can rely on the rental shop Dr. Rent, where to find all the necessary equipment and where to ask for a bike guide to learn some useful techniques. Book your day at Mottolino bikepark on the website or come straight to us: all our services are located nearby Mottolino gondola terminal!

Opening Bike Park Mottolino (10th June – 01st October 2017)

Via Bondi 473/A
Tel: +39 0342 970 025
Fax: +39 0342 970 313