On the peaks of Carosello 3000 snowboarders and freeskiers has chosen their heros among color explosions, crazy riding and street-art.

Even the sky has been miserable with them. On Sunday, 24th of April hundred heroes faced the most difficult weather conditions in addition to all the pitfalls already prepared for them during this third edition of The Guardian Ring.

A strong and cold wind has led the fighters on a battlefield where they found an atypical banked slalom made of parabolic, jumps, traps and fearful monsters arranged on the route.

In the background the crazy atmosphere of The Beach Livigno, the tropical snow-park that has given rise to much word of mouth during the entire winter season. A background that was also contaminated with an explosion of colours by the street-artists Zoow24 and Avido and with the rock music of DJ Machete from RockTv.

The contest has seen the victory of Elio Fumagalli as the Guardian of snowboarding and Elia Guanella as The Guardian of freeskiing. A real knighthood sealed with a ring forged by the artistic-laboratory of Nove25 and assigned in a ceremony at 3000 meters of altitude, while the flags of Dragon Alliance and Bastard were flapping in the wind. A prize that will be again raffle off during the next edition of The Guardian that Funky Snowboard and Carosello 3000 already promise to carry on in a volcanic way.

While the freestyle season beat with The Guardian Ring his last shot, the slopes of Livigno will stay open until Sunday, 1st of  May. After that date Carosello 3000 will start the preparation for a summer opening that will bring big news about mountain biking.

Funky Snowboard will soon show the new collection of boards and clothing. On this occasion the alternative Italian brand will also announce the entry into skateboarding world.

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