A team of experienced Alpine guides, passionate and in love with our mountains, is ready to lead you to discover the wonders and adventures that Livigno has to offer. They know how to entertain you safely and you can challenge your limits and adventure yourself in new experiences.

Alpine guides offer a rich weekly programme with excursions and activities of all sorts, and they will be able to customise your experiences according to your preferences and skill level. 

Discover the most authentic Livigno; trust the Alpine guides for an unforgettable experience.


Discover our Hotels and Apartments, where you will find everything for an unforgettable holiday.

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Park Chalet Village

Via Teola 515/a
star star star

Hotel Valtellina

Via Saroch,350
star star star star

Hotel Bucaneve

Via S.S. 301, 194
star star star

Hotel La Montanina

via Pontiglia, 149
star star star

Hotel Cristallo

Via Rin, 232
star star star star

Hotel Montivas Lodge

Via Saroch, 782/C
star star

Appartamento Merri Elena

Via Saroch n. 353/A1
star star

Casa Susanna

via Isola 54
star star star

Appartamenti Guana

via Sant'Antoni 117
star star star

Residence San Marco

via Saròch, 716
star star star

Casa Azzurra

via Saròch, 248/C
star star star

Bait All

Via All 37