Livigno Active Card Summer

Be sure to request your Livigno Card for a fantastic ACTIVE summer holiday, discovering authentic mountain life with so many outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, food and wine events and evening entertainment!
The younger set will be enthralled by the new and varied FAMILY & KIDS programme, spending the day with the folks or in the company of the children’s entertainers. Mountaineering enthusiasts, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, will be spoiled for choice with our selection of HIKING & TREKKING options. NATURE & GOURMET aficionados will not wish to miss out on culinary discoveries of life in the mountains and the secrets of traditional local cuisine. And in the evenings, there are numerous BY NIGHT events not to be missed!

If you stay in a hotel or an apartment associated with the scheme, the Livigno Card is free of charge. So don’t pass up the opportunity and ask for one immediately upon your arrival in Livigno! If you've reserved accommodation at a hotel that isn’t part of the Livigno Card programme, do not despair! You can still purchase a card at the local tourist office at a cost of € 40.00.