Livigno logo carosello 3000 Line: 1 easy, 1 medium, 1 Pro, 1 jibbing, 1 Woodpark line, Boarder Banzai, Bagjump airbag and music park sound system.
Starting on the right-hand side, the park houses an easy line with jumps and rail-boxes for beginners, a medium-difficulty line with 8 pitches, jumps and rails-box and a Pro line with jumps and rails.
Then there’s the Jib line, which is to be upgraded after last season’s success.
Moving to the centre there’s the Bagjump, the large foam airbag for board flipping and twin tip skis.
On the left-hand side, there’s the boardercross for children and the boarderzoo with its gentle dips and life size animal shapes.
Finally, there’s the 2nd boardercross that as from this year, will change its name to Boarder Banzai, which (as the name suggests) is a path laden with parabolics, obstacles, large airbags and much more ... all waiting to be discovered following its opening.
And last is the Woodpark line, there to be explored ...
Riders receive: free Wi-fi, new sound system, free helmets and free twin tipped skis for Bagjump and access to chill out area.

Boarder Cross

Right next to the Carosello 3000 snow park line, there’s the amazing Boardercross, taking you down an adrenaline-packed trail packed with parabolic curves, bumps and changes in elevation.

Carosello 3000 Ski Area
Via Saroch 1242/G
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