Thanks to the snowfarm, a jewel of sustainability, Livigno hosts the traditional cross-country race in the center of town. To embellish revento a show with an Olympic flavor

Livigno, 08/22/2023 - The magnificent August snow is now a must in Livigno's summer, which on the occasion of the traditional "Gara da li contrada da Livign," transforms the town center into a course to be experienced all in one breath, with cross-country skis on your feet. Almost a thousand meters of fire, for a challenge with great technical content, in a truly unique landscape setting. While the colors of summer dominate the frame, in fact, Livignaschi and the many tourists in the resort will be able to enjoy the spectacle of a race to the last meter, for a real taste of winter out of season.

Making this possible is the practice of snowfarming, which involves storing snow in the central plain of the country, collected in late winter. Covered with a combination of wood fiber sheets and geothermal sheets that can protect the snow from the temperatures and the summer sun by limiting its melting while respecting natural resources. Snowfarming, then, allows Livigno not only to make the most of the early cold weather by making a cross-country ski slope available to athletes as early as the beginning of autumn, but also to use the stored snow for the long-awaited summer event with the lK SHOT, this year scheduled for August 24.

A moment of deep communion between the present and the future, for the entire Livigno area, which with the race in the center of the town celebrates both its oldest and most identifying traditions and its propensity to build an ambitious tomorrow with an international flavor. A tomorrow that also embraces the horizon of the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic Games, which will precisely in Livigno award the highest number of medals of the entire edition. A very strong bond, well rooted in time, and oriented to the enhancement of a territory and an identity recognizable and appreciated throughout the Alps.

A path to the Games that draws benefit and meaning from experiences like the lK SHOT, because they are able to sum up all the souls of the country and its history. A true marriage of intentions, which will culminate in the "Snowboard & Freestyle Show!! scheduled after the competition and before the challenge between the representatives of the different contrade, who will compete on the same course as the lK SHOT athletes. To Michela Moioli, Jole Galli, Maurizio Bormolini, Nicola Galli and the young local snowboarders and freestylers, the task of thrilling with their acrobatics the people present on site and the spectators connected from home, who will be able to enjoy the other great novelty of 2023: the full live broadcast of both competitions on Livigno's social channels and on MyLivignoTv.

The day's full program begins at 5 p.m. with qualifying for the lK SHOT race, where the 27 athletes at the start, including men, women and Paralympic athletes, will compete for access to the knockout stages. Quarters, semifinals and finals scheduled between 5:40 p.m. and 6:40 p.m., with Flower Ceremony immediately following.

Then, between 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m., the "Snowboard & Freestyle Show" is scheduled, the conclusion of which will introduce the opening parade of the "Gara da li contrada da Livign" and the competition between the different representatives of the districts in play. The worthy conclusion of an event capable of encapsulating all the nuances of Livigno and its love for the sport, which in the triangle of August snow, creative momentum and tradition, finds its most complete and fascinating expression.

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