Spectacle in Livigno: in the scenery of a dream setting, victory for the two athletes of the Army. Paralympic Paglia's speech excites.

Livigno, 08/25/2023 - It lived up to all the promises, and perhaps even more, on this late August night in Livigno, Little Tibet, which put on its best dress for the occasion and gave everyone present a truly memorable event. Full-bodied program, which began in the late afternoon with the qualifiers for the IK SHOT, the cross-country ski race in the center of town, which attracted thousands of fans and onlookers along the entire route.

Good technical level and great spirit of competition in all three categories, men's, women's and Paralympic, with athletes able to offer great spectacle, especially in the direct elimination phase, experienced with enormous transport by the public, especially those thronged near the finish line and in the stands, built for the occasion in Piazza del Comune. Electrifying was the women's final, won by Lucia Insonni, an athlete from the class of 2003, who got the better of Laura Colombo by a single cent, after a challenge with a hellish pace. More clear-cut, in the men's field, was the affirmation of Giacomo Gabrielli, from Cavalese, class of 1996, who already appeared in mid-season form and was able to bend the resistance of Mattia Armellini, second at the finish line. Finally, Io splendid gesture of Gianfranco Paglia, quadriplegic athlete and winner of the Paralympic category, who at the finish line moved the audience by reminding them of the message of inclusion and integration that must be the basis of the sporting experience.

It was an engaging event for the entire community, which actively participated in its realization, with an important number of volunteers along the track and local companies involved in the construction of the slope, obtained thanks to the snow stored in winter. "We are always looking ahead and this day, capable of combining tradition, present and future is a postcard of what we are building in Livigno, towards and even beyond the 2026 Games," stressed Luca Moretti, President of APT Livigno. Lara Magoni, Undersecretary of the Lombardy Region with Delegation to Sport and Youth, also joined the applause: "Sport is a great tool for growth and social cohesion and events of this kind play a fundamental role in the development of our communities."

After the awards, show in Olympic key, with the show of freestylers and snowboarders, captained by Michela Moioli, Jole Galli and Maurizio Bormolini together with Niccolò Colturi and Nicola Galli, who held the entire Piazza del Comune in suspense. A small-big taste of what Livigno will be like in 2026, opened by Mayor Remo Galli who punctuated the official count-down: "The credit for this evening goes to the volunteers, and to those who participated in the realization of an event of enormous historical and social significance. It is great to see our young people alongside these great champions."

The day ended with the traditional "Gara da li contrada de Livign" , reserved for residents and now in its 42nd edition. A celebration within a celebration, which ended with the victory of the contrada Teola, for the second year in a row.

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