Livigno (SO), Aug. 7, 2023 - The fourth edition of the project "Summer On the Road" has successfully concluded, an initiative promoted by the Associazione Ragazzi On the Road of Bergamo, chaired by Egidio Provenzi, and supported by the Municipality of Livigno, through the Local Police, in collaboration with CiAGi. 

The project involved 8 young people aged 16 to 18, who had a unique experience in the shoes of Local Police, Law Enforcement and Rescuers, with the aim of promoting road safety in particular and raising their awareness of the crucial aspects of responsible driving.

Already from its first edition, initiated 4 years ago by the Municipality of Livigno, the "Summer On the Road"project has proven to be an effective and concrete initiative in promoting safety and legality among young people. In 16 years, the project has involved more than 1,000 students in the Lombard provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Sondrio and Varese, where On the Road"education has established itself as a valuable tool that acts on the awareness of young people.

The just concluded summer edition, held over the two weekends of July 28-29-30 and Aug. 4-5-6 in Livigno, saw once again the participants engaged in the field, on the ambulances and in the streets, bringing them directly closer to the reality of institutions, law enforcement and rescue workers. Thanks to the dedication of Mayor Remo Galli and Alderman Cristina Rupani, the young people had the opportunity to understand the dangers and challenges faced on the road, both during the day and at night.

We believe this is one of the most important projects we do in our area, said Mayor Galli. It's nice to see what Law Enforcement does and to understand what happens on the other side so that kids can understand what are the main issues that are faced in public offices. At the end of this project I have seen better and engaged kids for our community."

Councillor Rupani invited the boys to become "safety influencers," sharing their experiences and promoting education among peers: "We need you kids to keep telling about what you experience and build trust among your peers. So that you become multipliers of education.

During the first weekend, the young protagonists, led by Michele Ricetti, educator and coordinator of CiAGi in Livigno, joined with the Association's staff all the realities involved in the project, from the Local Police to the Mountain Rescue technicians, from the Volunteer Fire Brigade to the Guardia di Finanza and the officials of the Agenzia delle Dogane guarding the Foscagno Pass. On the second weekend, a special night of On the Road checks with the Local Police, a significant activity (held in the rain) to understand the proper driving behavior, as Commander Christian Bergamo pointed out, We did numerous on-the-road checks with young people, we took away licenses for alcohol, seized vehicles for lack of insurance. By being with us, and on patrol, young people test firsthand what it means to do prevention in this field.

We don't want the experience to remain just a memory, but that it can become an opportunity to improve one's daily life and life experience. Over the past few years, we have noticed a change in this direction on the part of some of the young people who have taken part in the project, said Michele Ricetti.

Among the testimonies of the participating teens, the importance of the initiative and the awareness gained emerged: It is an interesting project to understand what is behind everything related to emergency responders and law enforcement, said Alessia Rodeschini stated. I was struck by the great teamwork, I realized that for certain tasks if you don't cooperate, and you don't understand, you can't get to the end," said Pietro Nana who, at the end of the experience, decided to be part of the Association's staff like other boys and girls over the years.

Livigno, to which we are grateful as an Association, is a unique and safe location. With its commitment, even in this project, it proves that it is not a free zone for road safety and prevention, explains Alessandro Invernici, journalist and founder of the educational format "On the Road" for which he recently received the honor of Knight of Merit of the Republic from Head of State Sergio Mattarella.

For us it represents an impactful, engaging initiative. As young people we need stimulation and On the Road is a strong experience, one that makes its mark on us, one that helps us understand the importance of life, the meaning of rules, to know the dangers in order to avoid them. Therefore, with this project, we would like to be a beacon of responsible and safe driving, of the influencers" - as we have been asked - of prevention by making our picturesque location famous also for attention to everyday dangers," comments Claudio Galli, a young contact person for the project in Livigno.

The "On the Road" experience-which has already inspired several dissertations and sparked "vocations" in Local Police,
Law Enforcement and Rescuers - has proven to be an effective initiative to promote road safety among young people,
educating them in responsible and conscious driving. The Municipality of Livigno, the Ragazzi On the Road Association and all the the institutions involved said they were satisfied with the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the participants. In Alessandro Invernici and his association, during the press conference closing the summer project, held
at the institutional headquarters in Plaza dal Comun, they reconfirmed their determination to continue in this direction to build a safer and more responsible society by further extending the project in the province of Sondrio as well.

The following took part in the project, in detail: Municipality and Local Police Command of Livigno, Station Command
Carabinieri Livigno, Carabinieri Nucleo Forestry Station Command of Bormio, Fire Department of the detachment
volunteers of Livigno, AREU Lombardy Regional Emergency-Urgency Agency - House of Health, Agency of the Customs of Tirano S. o. T. and Guardia di Finanza of the Foscagno Pass, Mountain Rescue Service of Livigno, Carosello 3000 and Mottolino Fun Mountain: here the "On the Road" youths were able to work alongside the lifts' rescuers by invitingmany young people to download the NUE 112 "life-saving" app for which the Association is a testimonial.

Livigno ( is a tourist resort located high in the Rhaetian Alps, on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is located in the Lombardy region, in the province of Sondrio. This picturesque resort is surrounded by
majestic mountains and offers spectacular scenery and year-round entertainment. Since 2023 Livigno has been a CONI Center, with all the best sports facilities, including the new 50-meter Olympic swimming pool and an athletics track, the flagship of a unique resort in Italy, which is preparing to be the site of the next Olympics Milano Cortina, with as many as 24 medals being awarded.

The "On the Road" project, made possible thanks to contributions in particular from UniAcque and Domitys, can be
followed on the official social profiles, Instagram and Facebook. For applications and inquiries, please refer to the website official website of the Boys On the Road Association:

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