Two of Livigno people most heartfelt races-and especially traditions-are coming up: on Aug. 24, the streets of downtown Little Tibet will be tinged with white to host the Gara da li Contrada da Livign and the 1k Shot, two narrow ski races that will be held along a one-kilometer-long cross-country ski trail.


This glimpse of the winter cross-country season in the middle of summer is possible thanks to the snowfarming technique-which Livigno has espoused since 2016-that allows about 80,000 cubic meters of natural and artificial snow accumulated in the last months of the winter season to be stored each year for use when needed.
This is an innovative method of snow storage based on the use of reusable wood wool mats and geothermal sheets, which can protect the snow from the temperatures and summer sun and thus limit its melting.
This is a green choice that not only reduces the use of electricity for the production of artificial snow, but also makes it possible to make the cross-country slope practicable in advance of other ski areas: amateurs, Nordic ski enthusiasts and national and international teams will thus be able to kick off their sports training as early as the second half of October.

The August 24 day will thus give a taste of winter in the middle of summer: spectators will have the opportunity
to witness an unprecedented and very locally felt "total white" double event.

Opening the sporting event is the 1k Shot, a cross-country ski race in which professional athletes, young local hopefuls and a number of contradaioli will take part, trying to earn their place on the podium.
Next up, however, will be the Gara da li Contrada da Livign, which every year sees the participation of contradaioli who compete - wearing traditional clothes and equipment - to defend and excel the colors of their contrada (Centro, Comunìn, Pemónt, Fórcola, Ostarìa, Plàn da Sóra, Saròch, Teòla and Trepàl), trying to obtain the title of "Best Contrada."

Two unique events that, every year, are greatly felt by the people of Livigno but also by the tourists who have chosen Livigno as their summer vacation destination. On the same day, it is possible to be enveloped in some of the fundamental elements of Little Tibet: local traditions, sports and competition, a preview of the winter season, and the excitement of being part of such a close-knit community.

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