The quadriplegic athlete was accompanied by FISIP Paralympic national team athletes

Livigno, 27.11.2023 - On Sunday, 26 November, Livigno hosted "Ora No Limits", the FISIP (Italian Federation of Paralympic Winter Sports) challenge launched last week at the headquarters of the Italian Paralympic Committee, which saw for the first time a tetraplegic, Ten. Col. Gianfranco Paglia - Gold Medalist for Military Valour, who was seriously wounded in Somalia exactly thirty years ago and captain of the Defence Paralympic Sports Group - tackle an hour of continuous cross-country skiing.

Paglia, on the cross-country skiing ring in Livigno, was accompanied in turn by teammates from the A team and the B team of the national Nordic skiing team, and covered 5.7 km. The aim was to convey a social message of inclusion and to show that disability is not a limitation but a resource to identify one's own limits and that these can be overcome.

The challenge will continue next year until the Paralympics in Milan Cortina 2026, accompanying the athletes of the national team in other challenges.

The event was organised by FISIP Nordic Ski Teams Technical Coordinator Paolo Marchetti and City Councillor Marina Claoti and was attended, among others, by Livigno Tourist Board President Luca Moretti and FISIP President Paolo Tavian.

"It was undoubtedly a good day of sport," commented Ten. Col. Paglia immediately after finishing his performance, "I want to thank the national team and the guys who were outstanding, they supported me tirelessly for the entire hour. I am quite satisfied with how it went, I could have done even more but we will see if we can come up with something new for next year!"

"As FISIP we immediately married and embraced this initiative," says Federation President Paolo Tavian, "an opportunity to enhance all athletes with disabilities and to show that sport can be a means of redemption. In fact, it is often precisely sport that is a means of stimulation and revenge in disability: events like these are fundamental situations for the Federation to amplify its knowledge and spread its values."

"It was a very important day of sport for us: we managed to achieve our goal of organising an event that allowed us to bring out the meaning of the word 'inclusion'," explains Paolo Marchetti, FISIP technical coordinator for Nordic skiing. - Including this event in our calendar, which is already very full of competitions, was as challenging as it was gratifying. I am satisfied with the result, we have supported Paglia over the last few months in both technical and athletic preparation with a series of outings on snow supported by FISIP, the 5.7 km that he covered today is really a great result."

The town of Livigno supported the venture in its organisation and realisation as it firmly believes in the moral values that sport brings with it, and also on this occasion confirmed itself as a reference point for cross-country skiing.

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