ICON Livigno Extreme: learn about the world's toughest extreme triathlon program


3.8 km in icy waters, 195 km cycling through historic passes and switchbacks, plus a marathon with 3,000 meters of elevation gain-the most extreme course on the Planet.

The toughest extreme Triathlon race in the World returns to animate the streets, paths and water of Livigno, the spectacular natural amphitheater proposed by ICON Extreme to test the athletes, who will reach the start from every corner of the planet with the ambition to challenge a prohibitive course, at the limit of human endurance.

Included among the events of XTRI, the international circuit that groups the most extreme triathlons of the season, which this year, between the Himalayan (Nepal), the Fodaxman (Brazil), the Norseman (Norway) and 10 other events will touch all the most significant routes in the world, ICON represents an absolute summit for the discipline, also thanks to its technical complexities.

3.8 kilometers of swimming, to be completed before dawn, in the darkness of Livigno Lake; followed by 195 kilometers of cycling, embellished by 5000 meters of elevation gain and some passages on iconic stretches of international cycling; and finally 42 final kilometers of running, with 3000 meters of elevation gain and a finish of enormous emotional and physical demand, on the finish line of Carosello 3000.

This is a race of extraordinary uniqueness, even within an extreme circuit such as XTRI, and one that embraces all the elements of Livigno's geography and culture, bringing together in one event all the best of what the area has to offer athletes. A reservoir of clear water nestled between imposing mountain ranges, where, in past years, people have competed in temperatures ranging from 14 to 18 degrees. A highly competitive bike course that, between the Bernina Pass, the Foscagno Pass and the 48, historic, hairpin bends of the Stelvio, is no match for a stage of the grand tours. And finally, a marathon full of elevation changes, passages that require in-depth knowledge of the route, and with a finish that perfectly sums up the toughness of the entire race.

In short, ICON is truly an event not to be missed, as well as a privileged vantage point on the performance and psychological limits reached by contemporary athletes, many of whom travel the planet precisely in search of thrills of this magnitude. A sporting, cultural and human ambition that faithfully reflects the innermost nature of the location.

Appointment, then, for Friday, September 1, with the start of ICON scheduled on the shores of Livigno lake, for 5 am. The arrival of the first competitors at Carosello 3000 is expected around 6:30 p.m., while the closing of the race will be late at night, at 1 a.m. to be exact. In the case of athletes also planned activities in the last two days of August, in the run-up to the race, to familiarize themselves with the course and the reservoir and to try their hand at a guided meditation session, made available by the organization for all competitors and their support teams.

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