Throughout the summer, Little Tibet comes alive with a calendar of events - sports, cultural, musical and gastronomic - that will involve citizens and visitors from all over the world.

Livigno is a candidate as an ideal summer destination, but not only because of the wide variety of activities to experience outdoors... During the summer, in fact, the resort offers a schedule of events and initiatives related to different areas - such as sports, culture, music and traditional gastronomy -that will emphasize the resort's dynamism and liveliness. Starting June 18, the valley will kick off a succession of events that Livignaschi and visitors will not be able to miss to have the opportunity to enjoy moments of leisure unforgettable, always wrapped in the naturalistic panorama of the Lombardy Alps.

July 02 - Davide Van De Sfroos Concert
A perfect opportunity to spend an evening of music, singing anddancing to the "Best of" by Davide Van De Sfroos, one of the most beloved singer-songwriters of the Italian folk and an expression of the Lombard soul.

July 15 - Sentiero Gourmet
The 6th edition of the traveling gastronomic event to discover the excellence of the Italian and Valtellina cuisine, which winds along a 5km route, to be done on foot immersed in the nature of the Vago Valley. For the first time, the event will feature the participation of renowned starred chefs from northern Italy who will prepare the six-course lunch.

July 25-26-27 - La Milanesiana
Three days with Italian and international guests giving space to literature, music, cinema, science, art, philosophy and many other topics. Remo Galli, mayor of Livigno, will give the institutional greetings during the first day. The event will also be visible in streaming on and on the La Milanesiana channel.

July 29 - Festa del costume Livignasco
An itinerant evening through the central streets of the town in which to discover the traditions of LittleTibet. The evening begins with a parade of characteristic and original costumes, while afterwards it is possible to watch representations of daily life, which allow to delve into thepast and present traditions. There will be no shortage of opportunities to taste some local specialties.

August 10 - Black Night
An evening spent "in the dark," in which the only illuminations will be candles, lanterns and torches arranged around the village. Young and old can enjoy music and tasting of local products, being carried away by a magical atmosphere created by the fire performances by street performers and the large bonfire, which will keep the evening alive.

August 21 - Festa del Fen
Why not spend an alternative Sunday taking a dip into the past? The folkloristic group of Livigno also this year organized, literally, the Hay Festivalduring which all participants will be able to observe up close the most traditional techniquesof hay cutting.

August 25 - 1kShot and Gara Delle Contrade
The central streets of Little Tibet are dyed white, creating a real ski slopecross-country skiing-with real snow-a kilometer long: this taste of winter in the middle of summer ismade possible by snowfarming, an innovative method of preserving snow thanks togeothermal sheets.The Gara delle Contrade is one of the most anticipated events: livignaschi compete in aNordic skiing competition on the snow, wearing traditional clothing and equipment to defend thecolors of the town's eight contrade (districts). Preceding this local event is the 1kShot: arace on narrow skis in which national and international athletes will take part.Sept.

17-18 - Alpenfest
Little Tibet celebrates its farming origins with the 7th edition of Alpenfest, a two-day festivaltwo days dedicated to the farmers of Livigno and Trepalle and the transhumance of livestock: theanimals come down from the pastures-where they spent the summer period-and, beforereturn to the stables in the village, they become the protagonists of a festival.

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