Livigno, one of Italy's most popular and internationally renowned tourist destinations, is distinguished by its many souls, all closely linked to one another: culture and enogastronomy coexist harmoniously with the active side of the resort, which increasingly wants to become a place where one can spend a holiday full of fun, entertainment and one's own passions.

This is why Piccolo Tibet is always striving to offer new innovative and high-tech services, thus also emphasising its tech soul, which is not limited to the wide range of shops where one can buy the best technological equipment for every need and hobby

The first technological novelty concerns Mottolino, one of the resort's ski resorts, which has recently launched its first collection of NFTs ('non-fungible tokens'): these are digital works of art - such as photos, videos or other formats - with a certificate of authenticity, using blockchain technology, which makes them unique and non interchangeable. The first drop consists of 40 images that best represent its identity and spirit, made unique by the inclusion of a 3D golden 'M' as a celebratory symbol of this first digital launch. The first toobtain an NFT signed Mottolino will enter a restricted community, thus having the opportunity to participate overtime in exclusive and reserved events, but also to take advantage of promotions and special offers. Owners of NFTs will also enjoy unique advantages linked to this technology: these 'digital works' are resaleable, and therefore represent a potential investment for those who own them, having a specific value that can increase thanks the law of "demand e supply'. Readmore:

Carosello 3000 has also opted for technological innovations in snow management. For the past few years, the ski resort has been using modern snow management systems, which make it possible to effectively programme the dynamics of slope grooming and the use of snowmaking, as well as providing a constant flow of datathat can be used for energy resource efficiency: the mountain was entirely digitally mapped in cooperation with thecompany Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, resulting in a real digital map to detect the depth of snow in every corner of the ski-area via satellite. Thanks to this digital infrastructure, the Snow-Management offices and all the snow cats can have a live overview of the snow on the ski slopes, and can intervene in a targeted manner with regard to snow deployment and snowmaking.In addition, a snow farming experiment has recently been running: in cooperation with APT Livigno and the Alpsolut company, 10,000 cubic metres of snow are being stored at almost 3,000 metres and covered with severalprotective layers with the aim of reusing this real snow next winter.

For more lifestyle activities, on the other hand, Livigno offers the golf simulator in Plaza Placheda, which gives the opportunity to practice this indoor sport all year round. Thanks to the setting, the full HD graphics and the Trackman Performance Studio 9 software, the golfer will live an immersive experience that will give him the unique sensation of playing in one of the best courses in the world: many of the PGA Tour and DP World Tour courses are present as options, including the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club that will host the Ryder CupRome 2023.The Trackman 4.0 simulator - available upon reservation at the Aquagranda sports centre - has many functions: from the more technical and specific ones, such as the Trackman Range, designed to improve one's swing and which is also suitable for lessons with PGAI-certified instructors, to the more fun ones to be experienced alone or in the company of friends, such as the Target Games, to spend an evening enjoying a friendly challenge.

Aquagranda, one of the largest state-of-the-art sports and wellness centres in Europe, also offers an extraordinary high-tech, immersive experience. In the Slide&Fun area, adults and children (over 7 years old) willhave the chance to try DIVR®, a virtual reality snorkelling experience that, thanks to cutting-edge multisensory technology, allows guests to be digitally transported into four breathtaking digital scenarios: Ocean, to explore the depths of the sea, meeting a pod of whales and searching for an ancient shipwreck; Atlantis, todiscover the wonder of the famous underwater city while swimming in the coral reef; Space, for those who want to try hovering in the cosmos, travelling to the interstellar stations of Mars, Moon and Venus; Sky, for those who want to experience the feeling of freedom and lightness of a wingsuit launch in the Grand Canyon.For more information:

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