Livigno la latteria

The Dairy of Livigno stems from the desire to promote the development of the mountain environment and its economy. Small dairy farmers gathered in a cooperative company, and then created a structure that, in addition to the processing of dairy products, offers residents and tourists the opportunity to experience first hand all the goodness of milk. You can visit our labs, taste the products both inside the "Bar Bianco" or on a large outdoor terrace and admire the antique farm equipment in the small museum.

The authenticity and quality of the products is guaranteed by the livestock in mountain pasture during the summer months, by cattle feed based on selected feed and forage, by daily analysis of milk quality and by a strict protocol processing of the raw material.

The dairy allows visitors to witness the processing of milk, following to the various stages through large windows or through a guided tour. In cozy "stue" (dining room) you can taste all the products and discover the rural history of Livigno. During your stay, don't miss a visit to the Alpine Diorama.

Latteria di Livigno
via Pemont, 911
tel. +39 0342 970432
fax +39 0342 974331