Backcountry & Freeride Experience

Immersing yourself completely in the snow, skiing along winding trails and down steep slopes, through gullies and the woods in complete freedom - this is the meaningoffreeriding and backcountry skiing.
Alpine ski tours, snowshoeing to look at the animals or adrenalin-fuelled heliskiing descents are just a few of the many opportunitiesavailableto you in Livigno.
To enjoy backcountry without taking any risks you need to be well-prepared, respect the rules and know the mountain well. Safety first!

Before setting off, always remember both to check the Local avalanche report and take everything you need with you, in order to stay safe

  • - ARTVA avalanche transceiver
  • - PROBE
  • - SPADE
  • - MAP

    Always remember the 10 golden rules of freeriding:
    1. Inform yourself beforehand about the snow and weather conditions in the local ava-lanche bulletin.
    2. Select the route you wish to take: determine the distance, gradient of the slope and degree of exposure
    3. Make a prior assessment of your physical, technical and psychological condition.
    4. Bring a complete set of auto-rescue equipment with you: shovel, avalanche beacon and probe (these are mandatory by law!). If you do not know how to use any of the above,contactan expert such as a mountain guide.
    5. Familiarize yourself with how snow works and becomes transformed.
    6. Ski with caution and circumspection. You are responsible for your own safety!
    7. Wear a protective helmet at all times and be sure to ski with at least one other partner, for fun and safety.
    8. Respect all signs and the instructions of the grounds manager.
    9. If you feel unsure of anything, do not hesitate to contact a professional (i.e. a mountain guide).
    10. In the event of an accident, administer First Aid and dial 112 immediately.