News / 21.07.2018
Despite the rain, the 19th half trail was a huge success. Side by side during the entire race, Agostini then broke ahead with a sprint to the finish to win a second time. Marianna Longa was seen again, but Swedish runner Starfelt had something more.
News / 20.07.2018
A long weekend full of events, music and riding on the trails of Carosello 3000 - Livigno to celebrate the sense of friendship and freedom that binds fans of mountain-biking to the mountain.
News / 17.07.2018
The 19th Stralivigno event will take place shortly and Italian national athlete Sara Dossena will also be present to entertain visitors. A half marathon offering a 360° postcard view over Livigno.
video / 13-08-18
Highlights Summer Outdoor Media Event 2018
video / 03-08-18
Stralivigno 2018
video / 03-08-18
Sentiero Gourmet 2018
video / 10-07-18
Wood'n'Art 2018

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