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News / 5.04.2017
Is officially open the registration for the 18th edition of Stralivigno 2017, the trail running competition that snakes along a 21 km track, and that offers varied terrain: flat trails, ups and downs and dirt paths.
News / 27.03.2017
From 15  to 20 April 2017 Livigno dances with Gigi D’Agostino,Dj Antoine, Nervo, Romeo Blanco and has fun with Gigi Galli rally show, Freestyle Contest, Snow Splash e Pool Party. 6 festival’s days with 70 hours of music and 50 international Djs.
News / 10.03.2017
Saturday, March 25  turn off the lights, togheter we can contrast the climate change
News / 8.03.2017
See you at Carosello 3000 – Livigno,  March 17-19 at a party dedicated to Rossignol’s  best-seller: live music, food & beverage, ski tests of 2017- 2018 Rossignol 7 Series, “approaching freeride” outings  and an opportunity to ski with the legendary Rancho
News / 8.03.2017
The daily services the resort offers freeride enthusiasts have been further increased. From the avalanche report it has been issuing since the 2013/14 season to a snow report enabling visitors to monitor the quality of the skiing, the snow cover conditions and the likelihood of hitting stones when skiing off-piste.
video / 24-05-17
Livigno Summer Events
video / 15-05-17
MUS Museo di Livigno e Trepalle
video / 11-05-17
Livigno Estate Family
video / 09-05-17
Livigno Summer 2017