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News / 24.02.2017
Saturday, 25th February. The Wellness&Relax area, which has been fully-renovated in an Alpine style, reopens. Daily "Aufguss" rituals using the steam that rises from the sauna stove have been scheduled with our sauna masters, offering visitors an enveloping multi-sensory experience. There will also be shows by top Italian "Aufguss" masters on the 4th and 5th March.
News / 20.02.2017
After The Beach (life-freestyle) and The Forest (ski run through the woods), Carosello 3000 completes the trilogy of their entertainment areas presenting The Cave, the SkiFlowCross for skiers eager to try some alternative ski runs different from the usual ones. All inspired by the summer bike project.
video / 26-03-17
Sommer Familienurlaub in Livigno
video / 22-03-17
Campionato Italiano Motoslitte Livigno
video / 14-03-17
Fat Bike Livigno
video / 03-03-17
Livigno Carnevale