Amongst the traditional mountain cabins and huts, sculptures carved into larch trees proffering a thousand different shades of red, yellow and orange and breathtaking panoramic views, Livigno offers visitors the very best slow trails for enjoying an autumn break in nature.

Autumn has officially arrived and nature is beginning to change its scents, colours and shapes. It is impossible not to be enraptured by the nuances of the trees, pathways and landscapes especially in Livigno, where nature offers incredible views all year round.

In Little Tibet, as this area is also known, there is no need to be a professional sportsperson to fully experience the intense beauty of the mountains. What makes autumn weekends even more enjoyable is the amazing variety of paths to stroll along whilst enjoying the feeling of being in perfect harmony with nature, trails which cross green fir forests that then give way to the warm shades of larch trees.

For a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Livigno has thought of 5 unmissable trails to breathe the colors of autumn in the company of friends and family.

The Tröi da li Téa path crosses larch forests, offers breathtaking views and leads trekking enthusiasts to discover the huts, small cabins and barns which are so typical to the tradition of Livigno. Once the summer homes of shepherds, these buildings have now largely been refurbished. Starting from Pont Lonch, walkers will take the upward sloping path to head along the entire west side of the Livigno valley, skirting larch woods and encountering huts to admire, scattered both here and there along the route and in small groups. The walk ends with a breathtaking view of the landscape, then descends to the entrance to Val Federia.

There is no better place for observing the colours of the larch trees in autumn than along the art trail that begins in Larix Park. The walk crosses an ancient larch forest, not far from the centre, set in an oasis of peace, easily reached after a short climb with a panoramic view of the San Rocco area. Visitors wandering along the wide dirt road are surrounded by the woods and can admire the wooden sculptures created by the international artists who took part in the Wood'n'Art symposium along the way. This 1km pathway winds gently through the woods in an out and out open-air art gallery, and the works embellish the landscape, offering a unique stroll through the valley of Livigno.

Set in a stunning larch forest that flanks the lake, the path that leads to the Alpisella refreshment area offers visitors a pleasant walk which is suitable for everyone, even those with little ones in pushchairs. Arriving at the refreshment area, walkers will encounter a small pier where they can rent kayaks and pedal boats or the classical rowing boats which are just perfect for a family outing on the lake. The route offers breathtaking views of a nature that is beginning to change its colours and shapes. Moreover, on reaching the floating island, a small wooden structure in the heart of the lake, visitors will enjoy the wonder of the mountains, the autumnal colours of which are reflected on the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Visitors simply must not miss out on an excursion along the Baitel da Plascianet pathway to immerse themselves completely in nature and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the valley of Little Tibet. The trail enters a larch and fir forest where the colours of autumn blend perfectly with the green of the fir needles. After crossing the woods, walkers reach a large green area, a privileged, panoramic spot where Baitel da Plascianet stands, a little mountain hut open to the public in which visitors can stop for bite to eat surrounded by the wonders of nature

Of medium difficulty, the path that leads to the Baitel di Sc'taur allows visitors to reach an altitude of 2,150 metres from where they will enjoy an incredible view of the Livigno Valley. Walkers climb a fairly steep path set in the warmth of a larch forest and continue along the Monte Mo’t ridge. From there, they reach the Baitel di Sc'taur, a traditional little hut in which to rest and contemplate the wonders of the nature of Livigno.

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