The streets of downtown are tinged with white in celebration of the "Gara da li Contrada da Livign and 1kShot", two ski races in the middle of downtown, which will give a taste of winter in the middle of summer.

On August 25, Little Tibet will come alive with two important local events on the summer schedule: the Gara da li Contrada da Livign and the 1kShot", both highly felt by Livign people and tourists, will be a taste of the cross-country season winter-but in the middle of summer!
During this day, in fact, Livigno will be tinged with white: real snow will be used to create a ski slopecross-country skiing track - 1 kilometer long - in the streets of the town's pedestrian center. How is it possible to have real snow during the summer season? With snowfarming. Since 2016, in fact, Livigno has been enthusiastically espousing enthusiasm to this innovative method of snow preservation based on the use of sawdust and geothermal sheets that protect it from the high summer temperatures, preventing it from melting. This makes it possible to reduce the use of snowartificial, reusing the abundant late winter snowfall.

The "Gara da li Contrada da Livign" is not only a Nordic ski race, but it is above all one of the most heartfelt and most anticipated of the entire year by Livign people. At 8:15 p.m. the parade will take place, while starting at 8:30 p.m. each challenger local, who will compete wearing characteristic clothes and equipment, will aim to defend the colors of the eighttown districts - Centro, Comunìn, Pemónt, Fórcola, Ostarìa, Plàn da Sóra, Saròch, Teòla and Trepàl - with the hope of obtain the title of "Best Contrada."An event also much appreciated by tourists from all over the world visiting Livigno, who share with the citizensthe enthusiasm and competitiveness of the moment, while also managing to appreciate Livigno's traditions and the magical atmosphere created by the immaculate blanket in the middle of August.

Preceding this event, is the 1kShot competitive show, a race on narrow skis - which will take place at 5 p.m. with departure in St. Mary's Church Square - in which athletes from the A team and the youth team will take part of the Italian National Cross-Country Ski Team who will challenge for the podium some young local promises and the contradaioli. This day, marked by a double event, represents for Little Tibet a real anticipationof the upcoming winter season.

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