The sixth edition of the Sunrise Mattias is just around the corner: the highly anticipated Livigno event organisedby the Mattias Association will be held on 29 March, with the aim of paying homage to the valley's gastronomictradition through the memory of Mattias Peri, the first chef from Livigno and Valtellina to receive a Michelin starin 2009.

Starting on 28 March, Piccolo Tibet will bring its gastronomic soul to the forefront, thanks to a series of events organised by the Mattias Association in collaboration with a number of star chefs from northern Italy and the Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association.

This year, for the first time, the Mattias Association has decided to dedicate an appointment exclusively to the Higher Hotel Schools of Lombardy and Trentino Alto-Adige and the insiders: during the afternoon of 28 March, the'Sc'còla da cośgína' meeting will be held, a training moment for young people working in hotel schools who willhave the opportunity to meet and discuss with chefs Alessandro Negrini, Gianluca Fusto, Giancarlo Morelli, DavideCaranchini, Stefano Masanti, Lorenzo Cogo, and Alessandro Gilmozzi. Presented by journalist Paolo Vizzari, the invited chefs will take turns throughout the day with cooking lessons to the more than two hundred hotel schoolstudents and chefs from the locality invited by the Association.

Also on 28 March, the Mattias Association has organised a charity dinner, at 7.30 p.m., at the Kosmo Taste theMountain Restaurant: the 'Slalom among the Stars' will be an opportunity for 11 great chefs to make diners tasteunforgettable dishes. The proceeds of the dinner (whose participation fee is € 200) will be entirely devolved to the Mattias Association, for the funding of scholarships and donations to the hotel schools participating in the 2023edition of the Mattias Peri Competition.

At the first light of dawn on 29 March, the exciting Sunrise Mattias event will begin: the start is scheduled at 6.00 a.m.from the Monte Sponda chairlift car park or from Passo D'Eira and, once at the top, at 7.10 a.m. you will take part in a Sun Salutation session. Once finished, you can enjoy a gourmand breakfast with creations by some of the most important chefs on the national gastronomic scene: Alessandro Negrini of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia in Milan (2 Michelinstars); Alessandro Gilmozzi, the chef of El Molin in Cavalese with 1 Michelin star; Giancarlo Morelli of the Pomiroeu restaurant in Seregno (1 Michelin star); lo chef Lorenzo Cogo del ristorante Dama (1 stella Michelin) a Venezia; Gianni Tarabini del ristorante La Preséf (1 stella Michelin) di Mantello; Davide Caranchini di Materia, il ristorante di Cernobbio con 1 stella Michelin; Paolo Rota, lo chef del ristorante Da Vittorio a St. Moritz (2 Michelin stars); Valeria Mosca,founder of Wood*ing in Monza; Gianluca Fusto and Maurizio Santin, both AMPI masters, the former co-founder of Fusto Milano and the latter director of Unica Food Innovation School; Davide Longoni, 'Maestro d'arte e Mestiere' ofthe Cologni Foundation of Artistic Craft Professions and ALMA; and finally Maurizio Valli, 'maestro' of coffee at Bugan Coffee Lab in Bergamo.
The Associazione Cuochi e Pasticceri di Livigno (ACPL) (Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association), founded in the spring of 2001 with the aim of safe guarding and promoting the culinary customs of the Livigno tradition, will be collaborating with them. Also present for this edition will be an exceptional special guest: Matias Perdomo, the celebrated chef from the Contraste restaurant (1 Michelin star) in Milan.

The registration fee to participate in the sixth edition of the Sunrise Mattias is €60: you can register online here orat the APT Livigno office in Plaza Placheda (Via Saroch 1098/a).

Find more information here!

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