Published  together with Soul Running Magazine, a trail-runner guide to the trails of the Mountain Park Carosello 3000 of Livigno.  75km of trails, divided into six routes offering different types of training and technical features. All at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres.

They arrived in Livigno. They observed the mountain and mapped it. They set off in search of new paths. They took photographs but, above all, they ran along mountain peaks. They are the young staff of Soul Running Magazine, which, last summer, was involved in the ambitious project of Carosello 3000, supported by Nike Vision, to showcase the attractions and characteristics of Livigno's mountain to those who enjoy running at a high altitude.


The Trail Running Guide is now available together with the May issue of Soul Running and it can also be downloaded online from the website of Carosello 3000 Livigno. A full guide to itineraries featuring a total of 75km (4,150 metres D+) of mapped trails, divided into six routes offering different types of training and technical features. All at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres. Inside you will also find tips from a coach on how to run with the right pace, so that you can achieve your goals. It also includes stretching tips and targeted training charts according to the number of days you will be spending in Livigno, as well as the Qr-codes with GPS route tracking, which you can download directly onto your smartphone. In the magazine you will find 8 pages that introduce the Soul Running Experience of Livigno, ensuring a wide range of emotions thanks to breathtaking view-points, mountain ridges, vertical routes, and passages through border lands.

Davide Orlandi, editor of the magazine Soul Running: "Livigno and its mountains represent a dream for anyone who loves outdoor running, training or racing. It's a place with all the basic features suitable to create a  special  tourist product for trail running. Soul Running is proud to be a part of this unique project that brings Carosello 3000 Livigno to become the highest Running Park in Europe".

Camillo Bertolini, marketing manager of Carosello 3000: "The Mountain Park Carosello 3000 is a vast mountain area with ski lifts and numerous scenically remarkable trails. The guys from Soul Running have studied and tested them letting see a wider picture and widen the offer of the Mountain Park".

But there is more to it. In fact, this summer, Carosello 3000 will be offering special deals specifically for trail-runners, including a stay at a 4-star hotel, access to ski lifts during your stay, and day trips along trails with the assistance of a local expert guide (see special offers on website

This year, in the summer, Mountain Park Carosello 3000 will also be hosting two major events in this town located in the Valtellina valley. On 26 June, the Livigno SkyMarathon will take place. It is a 34km route with a 2,700-metre drop that unfolds for long stretches in a wild landscape on the border with Switzerland. On 3 September, instead, the Icon – Livigno Xtreme Triathlon will take place, during which athletes, after swimming for 3.8km and cycling for 195km, will have to run for 42.2km to reach the top of Carosello 3000, which is the world's highest finishing line for a triathlon race.

This series of unique initiatives is provided by the Mountain Resort of Livigno, already a "mecca" for mountain-biking and a popular destination for international athletes of various disciplines who come here to train, since it is an ideal place for trail-runners, thanks to its mountains, which stand out for their high altitudes (with peaks reaching 3,000 metres), and for the efficiently organised services offered to sports enthusiasts.

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