The summer of the Carosello 3000 “Mountain Park” is finally about to take off. You  can reach the high altitude in Livigno from Saturday, June 27,  thanks to the opening of the gondola Livigno Centro.

It will be an early taste, as the gondola trips will focus initially on a purely culinary aspect. The tourists in the Little Tibet can easily reach “Rifugio Costaccia”, that has become, over the years,  a real cult restaurant for all those who enjoy the  traditional cuisine rooted in the Alpine region.  This year again “Rifugio Costaccia” has received an acknowledgment from TripAdvisor in  the form of the 2015 Certificate of Excellence.

For outdoor sports, mark this date on your calendar: Saturday, July 11, when  the gondola Carosello 3000 S. Rocco will open,  giving access to the mountains and trails preferred by hikers, bikers and trail runners.
On July, 11 will be inaugurated also the big news of the summer 2015: the first 
10 km of Flow Trails intended exclusively for bikers. These two innovative trails are designed so that experts can ride flow and fast,  but at the same time the trails are safe for beginners and families.  The “Coast to coast” goes across the mountains connecting the top station of the gondola Carosello 3000 and the valley station of the gondola Livigno Center. And the "Roller Coaster", starting  from  “Rifugio Costaccia”, offers 4 kilometers of pure freedom in flow style. The work will continue during the summer with the construction of two new  trails that will be available as soon as completed.

For the  fans of mountain-biking and running at high altitude, Carosello 3000, on its website,  offers the purchase of a 3-day pass (days are not consecutive and can be used during the whole summer season) at a special price if purchased online before July  11 (see promotion).

The mountain bike event of the summer is the 3K Up&Down. It is a fascinating and innovative format within the framework of  the outdoor festival Adventure Awards. Sunday, August 2 the participants will compete on a loop of 13 km including the downhill along the new flow trails (and the trip uphill by the gondolas). The winner will be the one who completes  the course  the most times during the day. You can sign up on the web site: Hurry up, there will be only 100 competitors.

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