From Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September Livigno pays tribute to the mountains with a series of appointments and events for a truly accessible mountain.

With its 1816 meters high, Livigno is undoubtedly the privileged starting point for professionals and amateurs who want to reach the peaks of the Italian Alps that surround Little Tibet. Of these, 22, in the area between Valtellina and Switzerland, reach a height of over 3000 meters and 10 are those that have always been considered the most representative of Livigno: Monte Vago, Piz da Rin, Cima Fopel, Piz Cotschen, Cima Cavalli, Monte Breva, Piz Paradisin, Corno di Capra, Pizzo Filone and Monte Garrone.

To pay homage to the beauty of this landscape that embraces Little Tibet, on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September Livigno hosts the Mountain Festival for its third edition, a long weekend born with the intention of talking about the mountain through its various shades, entirely dedicated to the mountain landscape and, specifically, to what has always excited Livigno and its visitors.

The festival will be inaugurated on Friday 11th September at 21.00 at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Livigno, with the meeting The fragility of our valleys, held by the geologist Simone Angeloni and organized by MUS! The Museum of Livigno and Trepalle: through documentary research and morphological analyzes of the territory, the expert will speak about the “historical” landslides that have affected the Valtellina area over the years, a strong and fragile land at the same time.

The three days continues on the evening of Saturday 12th September: at 21.00, again in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Livigno, the Municipal Library hosts the author Serafino Ripamonti, who has chosen the Mountain Festival to present his book “Spiders of Lecco. A story in images”, published by Rizzoli.

Lastly, on Sunday 13th will be the day in which everyone will be called to live a close experience with the mountains, paying homage to the 10 most representative peaks of Livigno: even his year the I Nos 3000 event is held as part of the Festival, which most of all celebrates the alpine setting that surrounds Little Tibet. Divided into small groups, depending on the summit to be reached, the participants will simultaneously begin their ascent to the top of the mountains and continue until they reach 3000 meters at almost the same time. Also this year, the participants will be accompanied on their excursions by mountain guides and friends of the CAI, who, as tradition dictates, once at the top will place the books that preserve the thoughts and stories of those who will arrive on the top. There is no need to be an expert or a professional: thanks to the height of 1816 meters that the town center already offers as a starting point, the 3000 meters become truly accessible to everyone: anyone, choosing the right trail, can reach the peaks of the Alps surrounding Livigno.

It will be possible to participate in the meetings and in I Nos 3000 excursion only by booking and, according to the anti Covid-19 legislation in force, the number of places for each appointment will be limited.

For reservations and information:
- Conference The fragility of our valleys: MUS! The Museum of Livigno and Trepalle tel. 0342970296,

- Presentation of the book Spiders of Lecco. A story in images: Municipal Library of Livigno: tel. 0342991141

- hiking I Nos 3000: contact directly CAI Livigno

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